Baby Poytress

Yesterday we went for our ultra-sound at 4:30. I was really excited to get an appointment that Aaron wasn't in school during. I loved being there together to see our newest little one for the first time. Dust & Lyndz came over at 4:00 to watch AJ and I was off to pick up Poy from school. After a long day of school and studying Aaron was looking forward to spending a little time together and seeing the ultra sound.

The building was only 20 minutes away but it felt like FOREVER! I am not to sure how many off you have had ultra sounds but they prefer that your bladder is full for this particular type. They say that you should empty your bladder 2 hours befor your appointment and then drink 32 oz. of water in the next hour. I had to pee so bad, I honestly wasn't sure I would make it! To make matters worse the baby started moving like crazy and Aaron started cracking jokes about how funny it would be if I really did pee my pants. I finally couldn't take it and pulled over at a gas station to use the restroom. I was nervous that my bladder wouldn't be full enough but I though it would be better to show up with an empty bladder as apposed to soaked pee pants.
Turns out my bladder was fine and they were able to see everything they needed too. This ultra sound was a totally different experience than the one we had with AJ. In Canada you go in and they do all the measuring and poking around they need to and then spend a few minutes showing you the face, feet, hands, and spine. Your are craning your neck to see the screen and it's only for a few minutes. I know that I was not along in feeling ripped off that the boys get to see it all and we hardly see anything! Down here they have a screen just for you and your husband to sit and watch. You can see everything that the tech. is doing and they explain everything as they go. It was really neat to sit there with Aaron by my side and watch or little baby on the screen together. The first thing she did was get a full shot of the baby on the screen and let us watch him/her move around a bit. It was so crazy to be seeing our little one move around and feeling it in my belly at the same time, it really helps you make that connection. She showed us all the chambers of the heart, the organs, the brain, and everything else! She said that this was one of the most active babies she had ever seen and that he/she was really making her work hard to get all the shots she needed. We saw the baby rubbing it's eyes, stretching, rolling over, and grabbing it's toes. I felt bad, because it would always make her loss her view, but I kept laughing at our cute little baby in there. They one thing that Aaron and I both noticed was how familiar the profile looked, it was like seeing AJ in there again!!! I know that a lot of people don't think you can really tell what they look like form and ultra sound but I disagree. When I see AJ's ultra sound pictures I think they look just like him, and I have a feeling this baby is going to have similar features. Here are some pictures she got for us and a few of AJ so you can compare. Do you think they look alike?

Alright so here are two profiles of the new baby:

And here are two profiles of AJ:


Photo Shoot

Things are going much better this week. AJ is back on his sleeping and napping schedule and has even started sleeping in until 8:00 or 8:30 each morning. It is amazing how much better you feel if you can get up, get ready, and get yourself breakfast before you focus all you energy on your kid(s). Because AJ is sleeping better, his grumpy spells are down to a minimum. He has still been hitting a little but we have stopped asking, "AJ do you want a time out?!?" Kids need to have immediate consequences for their actions so now when he hits we say, "Time out!" After he has done his minute or two we get down to his level and explain why he was sitting there. He always says, "Sorry, smooch!" and kisses us to make it better. It is working much better and if he thinks it's funny I go sit there with him and fold my arms to show that it is not play time in the hall. He is doing much better and starting to understand the no hitting rule.
Last week we went to the mall to look at Gliders for Lyndz and let the kids play in the play place at the mall. We went with Nicole and the kids had a blast! The play place is great, there all lots of kids, stuff to play with and climb on, and the floor is padded so that if they fall it's not so bad. While we were walking through the mall a lady at a Portrait studio said they were giving away free 10x13 pictures and asked if we would each like one. She said she could get the kids in right away so how could we resist, especially since one of my new years goals is to have more pictures of our family displayed in our home. Megan and Ericka did great! They had their pictures together and there were so many cute ones to chose from. Becham also had some great pictures which you can check out on their blog, http://dltolman.blogspot.com/. Then there were AJ's pictures. He was not in the mood for a photo shoot and most of the pictures she got either had me in them or AJ with a major scowl on his face. They actually turned out kind of cute but they didn't e-mail me all the ones with the two of us. Once his turn was over he started climbing all over and playing on the pillows for beckam and they got this awesome spider man shot. It was pretty fun but we were out way longer than we planned to be and were very happy to get home and get the kids down for their naps.


Tough week!

The last few days have been a little bit tough on me, I have been trying to deal with everything in stride but this week it all became just a little to much. As many of you know the bigger your belly and more active your little baby get the more difficult it can be to have a good nights sleep. All though I am not THAT big yet I am on my way and as my body changed this week I got a few discs out of place in my upper back making for long uncomfortable nights. Not to worry, I always have AJ's 3 hour naps that I can relax during right? Wrong. Of course this is the week that AJ has decided that all he needs is 45 minutes or maybe an hour and 20 minutes, which really wasn't on my agenda. I do however understand that he will not have 3 hour naps forever, but he is consistently waking up grumpy and stays that way for 2 or 3 hours. During this grumpy time he finds it extremely funny to throw toys, kick anything near him, and worst of all hit or throw things at Mom. On Wednesday he walked over to me with his plastic golf club pulled it back over his shoulder like he was about to hit me and then started to giggle. I told him that hitting was a no no and that if he hits he will have a time out. Well that got him giggling even harder and then he hit me with it! I was so mad I scooped him right up and took him to his time out spot, he cried a tried to wiggle away but once I set him down and went to set the timer he started giggling again. Honestly what do you do when you kid starts thinking time outs are fun? Then there is Lyndz and Beckam. I just can't get enough of them, we hang out almost every day for an hour or two which AJ also loves. However seeing Lyndz with Beckam reminds me what it's like to have a brand new little baby, totally great but also stressful, tiring, and very time consuming! After a few napless days and sleepless nights spent with my grumpy little man I was starting to wounder how I will ever be able to take care of two kids! I broke down crying two nights in a row and left my husband feeling bad that he couldn't be around more or do more to help out, and then came Saturday! Celebrate good times come on, you got to celebrate!!! Having a day with Poy home made all the difference! We had a pancake breakfast and then cleaned up the house together. Like most mornings AJ was in a great mood and I was able to shower will the boys played. After lunch AJ fought a nap but fell asleep only to wake up and hour later. It has yet to work but we thought that we would try bringing him into our room to nap in our bed and lo and behold he slept another 2 and a half hours! I was elated. Aaron napped with him and I was able to doze of, read my book, and relax a little.

I am feeling much better and have be shown the importance of personal prayer once again. On those tired nights I would crawl into bed and do all I could to fall asleep without stopping to share my day with Heavenly Father. I always think I have nothing to say and the Lord already knows that I had a crappy day so why bother kneeling down to verbalise complaints. Then on Friday night we read our scriptures with AJ, sang primary songs, and said our family prays. It was my turn to offer it and I made a conscious effort to give a prayer of gratitude, instead of complaining or asking for all the troubles in my life to be fixed. It was amazing the feeling of peace and love that I felt after that prayer, I tried this strategy again in my own personal prays and found even more things to be overwhelmingly grateful for. I am well rested and have brain stormed with Aaron for new techniques to try with AJ over then next week. Our lives are far from perfect but we have been greatly blessed and I am enjoying the weekend with my family and looking forward to becoming a Mom again this June!

Since I have been meaning to post some pictures but just haven't found the time Aaron snapped a few shots for me. They aren't in the best place or lighting but you get the idea!
OPPS!!! That's not me I was showing Aaron what I wanted the pictures to look like and he got a little more into it that I expected! lol, he will kill me when he sees this!


Big Brother in Training

Over the last few weeks AJ has become pretty attached to his newest little cousin, Beckam. Every time we see a baby in T.V., read a book with a baby in it, or even if we leave the house for any reason AJ says, "Beckam!? Beckam? AJ go to Beckams house?" He just loves him. This is great new to me since we will soon have our own little baby in the house for AJ to either love or not love so much. I know hanging out with Beckam for a few hours a day isn't quite the same as haveing a new baby in the house 24/7 but I my hope is that spending time with Beckam will make it a little easier on him when we bring a new baby home. Thus far, AJ just can't get enough of Beckam, he wants to hold him, feed him, rock him, help pat his back, and he is constantly showing Beckem all his cool cars, trucks, and planes! I love seeing them together and thought that I would post a few pictures for everyone back home.
Since Beck's was over before bed AJ asked if they could snuggle. It started out like this but pretty soon AJ was pointing at his nose, playing with his fingers, and trying to give him big hugs. It was just too cute not to grab the camera!
Here's AJ giving beck's his bottle, it made the feeding a little more difficult for Lyndz but she is so good to let AJ get in there and help out! Beckam on the other hand seemed a little nervous about the whole situation.

He's our boys chillin' on the floor one morning. They were both in great moods and pretty alert so we thought we'd try to get some pictures. Unfortunately, AJ's silly mood wouldn't allow him to smile normal and this is how he looks in all the pictures, what a nut!


No love for Clifford

Last weekend I was having a major soft pretzle craving and Aaron was itching to get out of the house so we decided to head to the Clackamas mall. Dustin and Kinsey had told us that Clifford the Big Red dog was going to be at the Barns and Noble there for story time, which sounded like fun! We got AJ all packed up and made it just in time to sing a few songs and then get a picture. We didn't have our camera there but we ran into the Smiths who did, so we sent AJ and Eden up there and......

They didn't love it! We tried but they just weren't into Clifford! Guess will try again next time, until then we only love you on TV C-Dog, SORRY!


Meeting the Mid Wifes

ATTN: ASHLEY!!! I am more than happy to give you all the information you need but I have no idea how to contact you. Please leave another comment with contact info, add me on facebook, or sent me an email at poytress@gmail.com. Thanks and hope to talk with you soon!

As you all know yesterday was my first "doctors" visit for this pregnancy. Although I say Doctors I mean mid wife, although my coverage allows me to see a doctor if I want, Aaron and I have decided to go with a mid wife for this pregnancy. I didn't know a lot about them so I did a little research and they gave me quite a but more information at my visit yesterday. To become a mid Wife you are required to do your 4 years in nursing and then another 2 years to get your masters in mid wifery. They are very educated and I like the idea of seeing someone who's whole life and job are dedicated to pre/postpartum women and their babies. They are always on call, day or night including weekends, and will always get back to you within half hour.

As yesterday was my first visit it was pretty major. They took my entire medical history, asked many questions about Aaron's family as well as my own, gave me a complete physical, did my urine and blood samples, and of course I got to hear our babies heart beat. Like I said I had been feeling a little nervous with the lack of movement I have been feeling but everything sounded great! She didn't say what the heart rate was and I was so excited to hear it that I forgot to ask, but she said it was strong and healthy which is all I needed to know. Oh yeah, there also only appeared to be one heart beat which was another weight off my shoulders. Don't get me wrong twins might be a blast, someday but I'm not sure having them so far away from all our family would be ideal.

My other major concern this pregnancy has been weight gain. I am almost embarrassed to admit that I gained a whooping 68 pounds when I was pregnant with AJ. A lot of it was belly and in the end I retained and unbelievable amount of water but I could have avoided quite a few of those pounds with healthier eating and a little exercise.
Here is my pre-pregnant body. (Engagement pictures which our parents didn't approve of due to Aaron's scruffy face, lack of hair cut, and our not so dressy outfits.)

Here I am in early December, about 21 weeks pregnant. It was around this point that people started saying things like, "You are so cute! You look like your ready to pop, when are you due?" IN 4 MONTHS!
Here are my little Piggy's, don't get to concerned, they have since returned to their original size. They were so fat even my flip flops didn't fit, SAD!
The Grand Finally! Here I am the night before I went into labor, I have to thank Brittany Derricott for taking this picture. She and her husband came over with Shepperd's pie for dinner and she said I should take a few pictures before I went into labour because you always forget once your in labour.I have no desire to revisit these last few pictures and so I have been watching my snacks as well as my portion size's. I am not big into exercises but my goal has been to walk 3 or 4 times a week while pushing AJ in the stroller, I don't always do as much as I should but at least I am doing something!I am 18 weeks and have only gained 8 pounds so far, HIP-HIP HURRAY!!! That may not sound exceptional to all of you but I am thrilled. Seeing that number on the scale really motivated me to keep up my efforts because so far they are paying of, I think I was already up20 pound at this point in my last pregnancy. I haven't taken any belly shots yet but I will try to get some tonight while I am with Lyndz, don't worry I will post them!



Over the last 9 months I have been using this blog to keep our families up to date and, let's be honest, to post all my cute pictures. As we start this new year I have decided that I would like to take my blog in a bit of a different direction. This year I want our blog to be more of a family journal to keep you up to date, not just on WHAT we are doing but HOW we are doing. I am excited to get started so let me catch you all up!

We have been living in Portland for just over four months now. It is beautiful here and we have yet to experience the endless rain we have heard so much about. Don't get me wrong it is defiantly rainy but we have a day or two of sun each week which has been more that enough to keep us going. It dose get a little chilly here especially when the wind gets going but cold and wind are nothing new to us southern Albertans!

We live in a great apartment complex just 5 minutes from the school and everything else we need. 6 other students live in our complex, including Dust & Lyndz, which has already been a great blessing for us! Some of the fun features of our apartment include baby blue/grey carpet, a whooping 945 square feet, and original dishwasher/oven from the early 1980's. ha ha ha! It's defiantly nothing to brag about but we are very comfortable here and feel so blessed to be in such a great neighbourhood with affordable rent. We have enough room for our growing family and are very happy with this apartment, I think we will stay here until Aaron Graduated.

Our ward is know as the Geriatric/Chiropractic ward, and let me tell you it defiantly lives up to it's name! There a very few mature families in our ward with teenagers and kids on missions. they are either 60+ or students with young families. It makes for an interesting dynamic but we have really enjoyed it so far. There are lots of young mom's to get to know and have play dates with as well as a great mom & tots group. The "older" half of the ward really isn't old but I think being around young students and toddlers all the time can make them feel that way! I love visiting with the ladies and getting to know them better. it is always fun to visit with other young mom's who are kind of at the same place in their lives as you are but the older ladies have all the good stories and so much knowledge to share! I have recently been called as the Compassionate service co-ordinate in the ward and while it is a very busy calling and at first seemed overwhelming I am REALLY excited! As soon as the Bishop asked me if I would accept the calling I knew that it was inspired. I have since re-read my patriarchal blessing, which seems to be full of all new information, and know that the Lord has given me this calling at this time for a purpose. Already I am getting to know the ward members better and feeling more a part of our ward. Aaron has also received a calling as Assistant scout leader. his main job is to be at YM every Wednesday night, help plan the activities, and look out for the well being of the young men's. Although we only have a few YM Aaron is enjoying his calling and getting to know them better. He has only been in for two weeks so I will keep you posted on how it's going. I know that it wounds like our Ward is fabulous and that church is just a wonderful experience each week but that is because I haven't mentioned AJ thus far. AJ loves seeing pictures of Jesus, folding his arms for pray, singing primary songs at bedtime, and leading the sacrament hymes form his seat. What he dose not like is missing his daily nap from 1:00-4:30 while we are at church or attending nursery each week. I think that over the past 3 weeks AJ has spent a total of 12 minutes in the nursery room with out me or Aaron there holding his hand. We have a big nursery and only two workers so when a kid starts to cry they go right to the parents. In fact there have been days where we didn't even make it to the door before the tears started, and last week he started crying on the way to nursery!!!! It has been a bit of a challenge since Aaron and I have been asked to attend a teaching course together during Sunday school but we are dealing as best we can. If anyone has any tips on how to get him to Love nursery they would be greatly appreciated!

Our most recent and exciting news is that we are expecting our second child!!! After getting pregnant so quick with AJ we thought that we would have no problem the second time around but as it turns out we did. I always wanted my kids to be about 18months apart and so last March we decided to start trying again. Much to our dismay month after month we were unsuccessful. I will admit that it was a trial for me and I felt frustrated that the Lord didn't seem to be hearing our prays. I thought that we were meant to multiply and replenish the earth and if we were doing as the Lord commanded why wasn't he blessing us? This point of view is probably one of the many reasons the Lord chose not to bless us with another child until 7 months later. I needed to learn patience and understanding in that things must happen in the Lord time, not ours. In early October we finally saw that little pink + that we had been waiting so long for and we were elated! Aaron and I couldn't be more thrilled about this new little life growing inside of me and we are so excited to meet him/her. I am 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow and have my first doctors appointment this afternoon. I know that it is a little late to be getting to the doctor since I am already 4 months along but I had to wait for my American health care to kick in. I am really excited to hear the heart beat and make sure everything is okay. I have been feeling a little nervous since I have only felt the baby move a few times and I am not even 100% sure that it was the baby. In my last pregnancy I was feeling a lot of movement by now which doesn't really mean anything but it will give me peace of mind to hear that little heart beating away. We have found a program that will allow us to have our baby down here cost free and so that is what we will be doing. I am a little sad to not go hame for the birth but if we have the baby down here then it will be Dual and have free health care will Aaron is finishing school. Also since AJ came early I would need to go home at least 2 weeks before my due date (June 24th) and stay at least two weeks after the birth. That is just to long to be away from my handsome hubby and to make him be away form us, plus we don't want him to miss his little one's arrival. I am already showing in a big way and plan to post pictures tomorrow.

AJ is doing great, he is 21 months old and 25 pound. He talks like crazy and is starting to get frustrated with us when we don't get what he is saying right away. He gives us this look like we are completely insane for not understand, it's pretty funny! He loves to play with cars, tucks, trains, and to push baby dolls around in strollers (much to his fathers dismay) but what can you do all the kids his age seem to be girls! We will have to get Versi over here for a play day, ASAP! He knows all the letters of the alphabet plus their sounds and he can already count to 16 (because we have 16 stairs leading up to our house!) We couldn't love him any more, I just don't know if I have enough love to give to two kids!!!! It really is true that you will never understand how much your parents love you until you are a parent yourself. Here's AJ in the bath last night he thought it was so hilarious to put his whale in his mouth, I know you can't really tell but he was laughing his face off!


Beckam 4 weeks

Lyndz & I thought we would try to snap a few pictures of Beckam one his on month birthday. He is still so little and after a very long and fussy night we weren't really sure what we would get but they actually turned out pretty cute! I know that Lyndz has been crazy busy with he new little man, moving, and getting all settled which leaved little time for blogging. I know she is working on catching up but she said she wouldn't mind if I posted a few pictures before she gets around to it, so here they are.

Beckam has a little this about fuzz, he is always wrapped up so snuggly and warm that his hot little hands and feet pick up all the fuzz from his blankets! We thought this pictures was so cute and totally beckam!
Here's AJ at 5 weeks old, check out how chunky he is compared to Beckam!! LOL, I just can't get over these boys and how cute they are. Can't wait to see beckam grow into a little boy.


My Little Man.

I know that I have posted a million pictures from Zoo trips in the past but I wanted to post a few of AJ and I from the other day. I am amazed at how fast he is learning and growing, each day he changes and starts to say new things. On this trip to the Zoo he started saying Elephant or "Ef-a-plante" when us use to just make the noise, what a cutie.

Before we left AJ packed all his snacks and a few toys in his new backpack from Grandma & Grandpa Peterson. He loves putting all his stuff inside be for we head out the door and walking around like Dad with it on. Doesn't he look like such a big boy! How do I make him slow down with all this growing? I still think about him as my baby.HA HA HA, I forgot I spiked his hair this morning. It is getting way to long so I thought I would do it up once before we give it the big Chop-Chop. HA HA HA, Am I mean?

Together Again

We new that our Holidays were going to be jam packed so early in December we called everyone up and settled on a night that we could all get together and hang out. Unfortunatly we didn't ever get together with all the kids but it was still great to have a night out to play games and catch up with the old crew.
As usual things always get a little intence when we play games together, and this night was no exception! I think you will all see that in the end it's the girs who are coming out on top, Sorry boys.

If you are asking yourself, "are they playing rock paper scissors!?" the answer is yes, we will take any compotision we can get.

Isn't it funny how babies seem to come in waves? All of us girls were pregnant again this christmas, except Brittany which explains why she is looking to tiny and cute. Here we are all line up with our bellys showing, Almost all bellies are showing, comeone heather! Eat a burger or something, lol!Back to front: Kim Orr Feb 14th, Char-lane Gunderson March 16th-ish, Deanna Gunderson March 12th-ish, Lacey Poytress June 24th, Heather Amisio June 30th-ish.
This is me and chuck. We are due just 3 months apart and are really looking forward to having babies so close together. Toad and Chuck are expecting their fist baby and my money is on a boy, good luck guys!

Peterson Christmas

This Christmas was full of firsts for us. It was our first December in Portland, Our fist time taking the train, the first year I didn't see the live Nativity in Lethbridge, the first year we made Gingerbread houses, AJ first time to recognize Santa and get excited about him coming, Beckem's first Christmas, and sadly it was our very first Christmas with out our most loved Grandma Gerry. My Grandma loved Christmas so much! I remember going to her house every year to help decorate and to bake holiday cookies. I loved being in the kitchen with Grandma any time of year but Christmas was always special. Grandma would put on her Orange apron with the big cupcake on it and make grandpa his favorite cookies, shortbread. She always made them in here cookie press which I now have and cherish. I think about her every time I use it. Being without her was especially difficult this time of year but we know that she is watching over us and that we will be together again someday. Although we all miss her no one holidays could be harder than Grandpa Dick's. Our family did all they could to keep him involved and make the holidays a time of joy and that is why he spent the holidays with our family this year. It was so fun to have him there, especially watching him with his great grandsons. So here he is, my adorable Grandfather!

Can you even belive what a stud he is!?! I love this guy!

So this year we spent Christmas day with my side of the family which means we started things bright and early Christmas morning. Al drove us in to meet up with Dad around 8:30, the roads where a little slick in town but the highways were great. As usual the tree looked great, one of my favorite parts of the Christmas experience. I wish that you could have all the presents out under the tree for a few weeks because they always look so beautiful but I see know that kids make that fantasy IMPOSSIBLE! We had to wait about a half hour for the Tolman's since they we talking to Elder Hill who has been serving in the Little Rock Arkansas Mission for just over 6 months. They said they had a great visit and I think he even got to hear his first little nephew squawk a little. Once they arrived we got right to it visiting and opening gifts.
AJ loved opening each gift but he couldn't get over how great they were. He would open one, freak out, as to get it out, and then proceed to play with it. When we tried to get him to open another one he would say "no, no, no!"
Until I put a little rip in the wrapping and he say that it was another great gift to open. He was really funny but I think we need to work on his gratitude a little over the next year!
It's nice when you open presents a little later because then you don't all lok quite so. . . Sleepy, he he.
You may think this is something in poptart box but you would be wrong, this is a big box of poptarts. It was on of Jesses favorite things growing up and lets just say he didn't wast any time getting down to the toaster.
Mom wasn't sure if Levi would like this hat but for all of you who know him, She nailed it! lookin' good brother!
Hey Mandy if you're reading this drop me a line and let me know what you think of those books, and be honnest!
So folks this is what happens when you already have everything you want and you drop the perfume hint to more than one person. I can almost guaranty that my mom will be smelling GREAT if you run into here in the next year or so!Here's Grandpa Dick again loving his little picture of Baby Beckem.
After cleaning everything up and hanging out mom made a great dinner for all to enjoy. It's always fun to get out the christmas plate's and moms new Christmas classes and have a fancey meal. This year Dad and Mom found these awsome little personal sparkling grape juices, which were really fun!
We loved being home for Christmas and it was everything that I had hoped it would be, I am missing everyone already. Hurry and come visit us soon!!!