Beckam 4 weeks

Lyndz & I thought we would try to snap a few pictures of Beckam one his on month birthday. He is still so little and after a very long and fussy night we weren't really sure what we would get but they actually turned out pretty cute! I know that Lyndz has been crazy busy with he new little man, moving, and getting all settled which leaved little time for blogging. I know she is working on catching up but she said she wouldn't mind if I posted a few pictures before she gets around to it, so here they are.

Beckam has a little this about fuzz, he is always wrapped up so snuggly and warm that his hot little hands and feet pick up all the fuzz from his blankets! We thought this pictures was so cute and totally beckam!
Here's AJ at 5 weeks old, check out how chunky he is compared to Beckam!! LOL, I just can't get over these boys and how cute they are. Can't wait to see beckam grow into a little boy.


Nicole Wagner said...

Am I the ONLY one who thinks him and AJ look ALOT alike as babies????
I LOVE the foot picture! you're getting good with your photography skills dude! good job!

The Evansons' said...

I agree, love the fuzy foot, and YES they do look similar! If AJ went on a diet and lost a couple back in the day, he'd totally be a little Becks. You are such a good Aunt Lacey!

Kels said...

nice job on the pictures! i agree, if he weren't so chubby i would have just assumed it was beckam! i have a random question, you know the sleep sense thing you tried to send me but it never worked? did you send it to other people and were they able to read it? is there like a time limit on how long you can access it? i just bought it last weekend, and now i have people asking me what i'm doing for her sleep... i want to share, but didn't know if it would work because i could never get on to yours. just wondering!!!