Together Again

We new that our Holidays were going to be jam packed so early in December we called everyone up and settled on a night that we could all get together and hang out. Unfortunatly we didn't ever get together with all the kids but it was still great to have a night out to play games and catch up with the old crew.
As usual things always get a little intence when we play games together, and this night was no exception! I think you will all see that in the end it's the girs who are coming out on top, Sorry boys.

If you are asking yourself, "are they playing rock paper scissors!?" the answer is yes, we will take any compotision we can get.

Isn't it funny how babies seem to come in waves? All of us girls were pregnant again this christmas, except Brittany which explains why she is looking to tiny and cute. Here we are all line up with our bellys showing, Almost all bellies are showing, comeone heather! Eat a burger or something, lol!Back to front: Kim Orr Feb 14th, Char-lane Gunderson March 16th-ish, Deanna Gunderson March 12th-ish, Lacey Poytress June 24th, Heather Amisio June 30th-ish.
This is me and chuck. We are due just 3 months apart and are really looking forward to having babies so close together. Toad and Chuck are expecting their fist baby and my money is on a boy, good luck guys!

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Nicole Wagner said...

That is awesome! so fun to be pregnant with so many of your friends at the same time!!!! you look adorable!