Peterson Christmas

This Christmas was full of firsts for us. It was our first December in Portland, Our fist time taking the train, the first year I didn't see the live Nativity in Lethbridge, the first year we made Gingerbread houses, AJ first time to recognize Santa and get excited about him coming, Beckem's first Christmas, and sadly it was our very first Christmas with out our most loved Grandma Gerry. My Grandma loved Christmas so much! I remember going to her house every year to help decorate and to bake holiday cookies. I loved being in the kitchen with Grandma any time of year but Christmas was always special. Grandma would put on her Orange apron with the big cupcake on it and make grandpa his favorite cookies, shortbread. She always made them in here cookie press which I now have and cherish. I think about her every time I use it. Being without her was especially difficult this time of year but we know that she is watching over us and that we will be together again someday. Although we all miss her no one holidays could be harder than Grandpa Dick's. Our family did all they could to keep him involved and make the holidays a time of joy and that is why he spent the holidays with our family this year. It was so fun to have him there, especially watching him with his great grandsons. So here he is, my adorable Grandfather!

Can you even belive what a stud he is!?! I love this guy!

So this year we spent Christmas day with my side of the family which means we started things bright and early Christmas morning. Al drove us in to meet up with Dad around 8:30, the roads where a little slick in town but the highways were great. As usual the tree looked great, one of my favorite parts of the Christmas experience. I wish that you could have all the presents out under the tree for a few weeks because they always look so beautiful but I see know that kids make that fantasy IMPOSSIBLE! We had to wait about a half hour for the Tolman's since they we talking to Elder Hill who has been serving in the Little Rock Arkansas Mission for just over 6 months. They said they had a great visit and I think he even got to hear his first little nephew squawk a little. Once they arrived we got right to it visiting and opening gifts.
AJ loved opening each gift but he couldn't get over how great they were. He would open one, freak out, as to get it out, and then proceed to play with it. When we tried to get him to open another one he would say "no, no, no!"
Until I put a little rip in the wrapping and he say that it was another great gift to open. He was really funny but I think we need to work on his gratitude a little over the next year!
It's nice when you open presents a little later because then you don't all lok quite so. . . Sleepy, he he.
You may think this is something in poptart box but you would be wrong, this is a big box of poptarts. It was on of Jesses favorite things growing up and lets just say he didn't wast any time getting down to the toaster.
Mom wasn't sure if Levi would like this hat but for all of you who know him, She nailed it! lookin' good brother!
Hey Mandy if you're reading this drop me a line and let me know what you think of those books, and be honnest!
So folks this is what happens when you already have everything you want and you drop the perfume hint to more than one person. I can almost guaranty that my mom will be smelling GREAT if you run into here in the next year or so!Here's Grandpa Dick again loving his little picture of Baby Beckem.
After cleaning everything up and hanging out mom made a great dinner for all to enjoy. It's always fun to get out the christmas plate's and moms new Christmas classes and have a fancey meal. This year Dad and Mom found these awsome little personal sparkling grape juices, which were really fun!
We loved being home for Christmas and it was everything that I had hoped it would be, I am missing everyone already. Hurry and come visit us soon!!!

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