Over the last 9 months I have been using this blog to keep our families up to date and, let's be honest, to post all my cute pictures. As we start this new year I have decided that I would like to take my blog in a bit of a different direction. This year I want our blog to be more of a family journal to keep you up to date, not just on WHAT we are doing but HOW we are doing. I am excited to get started so let me catch you all up!

We have been living in Portland for just over four months now. It is beautiful here and we have yet to experience the endless rain we have heard so much about. Don't get me wrong it is defiantly rainy but we have a day or two of sun each week which has been more that enough to keep us going. It dose get a little chilly here especially when the wind gets going but cold and wind are nothing new to us southern Albertans!

We live in a great apartment complex just 5 minutes from the school and everything else we need. 6 other students live in our complex, including Dust & Lyndz, which has already been a great blessing for us! Some of the fun features of our apartment include baby blue/grey carpet, a whooping 945 square feet, and original dishwasher/oven from the early 1980's. ha ha ha! It's defiantly nothing to brag about but we are very comfortable here and feel so blessed to be in such a great neighbourhood with affordable rent. We have enough room for our growing family and are very happy with this apartment, I think we will stay here until Aaron Graduated.

Our ward is know as the Geriatric/Chiropractic ward, and let me tell you it defiantly lives up to it's name! There a very few mature families in our ward with teenagers and kids on missions. they are either 60+ or students with young families. It makes for an interesting dynamic but we have really enjoyed it so far. There are lots of young mom's to get to know and have play dates with as well as a great mom & tots group. The "older" half of the ward really isn't old but I think being around young students and toddlers all the time can make them feel that way! I love visiting with the ladies and getting to know them better. it is always fun to visit with other young mom's who are kind of at the same place in their lives as you are but the older ladies have all the good stories and so much knowledge to share! I have recently been called as the Compassionate service co-ordinate in the ward and while it is a very busy calling and at first seemed overwhelming I am REALLY excited! As soon as the Bishop asked me if I would accept the calling I knew that it was inspired. I have since re-read my patriarchal blessing, which seems to be full of all new information, and know that the Lord has given me this calling at this time for a purpose. Already I am getting to know the ward members better and feeling more a part of our ward. Aaron has also received a calling as Assistant scout leader. his main job is to be at YM every Wednesday night, help plan the activities, and look out for the well being of the young men's. Although we only have a few YM Aaron is enjoying his calling and getting to know them better. He has only been in for two weeks so I will keep you posted on how it's going. I know that it wounds like our Ward is fabulous and that church is just a wonderful experience each week but that is because I haven't mentioned AJ thus far. AJ loves seeing pictures of Jesus, folding his arms for pray, singing primary songs at bedtime, and leading the sacrament hymes form his seat. What he dose not like is missing his daily nap from 1:00-4:30 while we are at church or attending nursery each week. I think that over the past 3 weeks AJ has spent a total of 12 minutes in the nursery room with out me or Aaron there holding his hand. We have a big nursery and only two workers so when a kid starts to cry they go right to the parents. In fact there have been days where we didn't even make it to the door before the tears started, and last week he started crying on the way to nursery!!!! It has been a bit of a challenge since Aaron and I have been asked to attend a teaching course together during Sunday school but we are dealing as best we can. If anyone has any tips on how to get him to Love nursery they would be greatly appreciated!

Our most recent and exciting news is that we are expecting our second child!!! After getting pregnant so quick with AJ we thought that we would have no problem the second time around but as it turns out we did. I always wanted my kids to be about 18months apart and so last March we decided to start trying again. Much to our dismay month after month we were unsuccessful. I will admit that it was a trial for me and I felt frustrated that the Lord didn't seem to be hearing our prays. I thought that we were meant to multiply and replenish the earth and if we were doing as the Lord commanded why wasn't he blessing us? This point of view is probably one of the many reasons the Lord chose not to bless us with another child until 7 months later. I needed to learn patience and understanding in that things must happen in the Lord time, not ours. In early October we finally saw that little pink + that we had been waiting so long for and we were elated! Aaron and I couldn't be more thrilled about this new little life growing inside of me and we are so excited to meet him/her. I am 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow and have my first doctors appointment this afternoon. I know that it is a little late to be getting to the doctor since I am already 4 months along but I had to wait for my American health care to kick in. I am really excited to hear the heart beat and make sure everything is okay. I have been feeling a little nervous since I have only felt the baby move a few times and I am not even 100% sure that it was the baby. In my last pregnancy I was feeling a lot of movement by now which doesn't really mean anything but it will give me peace of mind to hear that little heart beating away. We have found a program that will allow us to have our baby down here cost free and so that is what we will be doing. I am a little sad to not go hame for the birth but if we have the baby down here then it will be Dual and have free health care will Aaron is finishing school. Also since AJ came early I would need to go home at least 2 weeks before my due date (June 24th) and stay at least two weeks after the birth. That is just to long to be away from my handsome hubby and to make him be away form us, plus we don't want him to miss his little one's arrival. I am already showing in a big way and plan to post pictures tomorrow.

AJ is doing great, he is 21 months old and 25 pound. He talks like crazy and is starting to get frustrated with us when we don't get what he is saying right away. He gives us this look like we are completely insane for not understand, it's pretty funny! He loves to play with cars, tucks, trains, and to push baby dolls around in strollers (much to his fathers dismay) but what can you do all the kids his age seem to be girls! We will have to get Versi over here for a play day, ASAP! He knows all the letters of the alphabet plus their sounds and he can already count to 16 (because we have 16 stairs leading up to our house!) We couldn't love him any more, I just don't know if I have enough love to give to two kids!!!! It really is true that you will never understand how much your parents love you until you are a parent yourself. Here's AJ in the bath last night he thought it was so hilarious to put his whale in his mouth, I know you can't really tell but he was laughing his face off!


lynz said...

just thought you might want a comment :) and i think the journal idea is a gooder! lots of typing but well worth the effort and oh....i hear becks crying yet again - gotta go!

Sabby said...

Great post! I too want to make our blog more journal like, can I copy you? We are excited to hear how the doctors appointment goes.

todd and ashley said...

Hey there, My husband and Dustin are pretty good from School back in Lethbridge, and we ran into him over Christmas and he had said that you guys had all your american insurance stuff all set up and I had a couple of questions for you. We're in Phoenix while Todd goes to dental school and we're thinking of starting a family but we want to figure out all the insurance stuff first. Thanks, Ashley

Lorraine said...

Lacey, I just love your blogs. Thanks for all the work you put into them. We are so excited for your growing family! AJ is just so adorable and he will make the best big brother.