Photo Shoot

Things are going much better this week. AJ is back on his sleeping and napping schedule and has even started sleeping in until 8:00 or 8:30 each morning. It is amazing how much better you feel if you can get up, get ready, and get yourself breakfast before you focus all you energy on your kid(s). Because AJ is sleeping better, his grumpy spells are down to a minimum. He has still been hitting a little but we have stopped asking, "AJ do you want a time out?!?" Kids need to have immediate consequences for their actions so now when he hits we say, "Time out!" After he has done his minute or two we get down to his level and explain why he was sitting there. He always says, "Sorry, smooch!" and kisses us to make it better. It is working much better and if he thinks it's funny I go sit there with him and fold my arms to show that it is not play time in the hall. He is doing much better and starting to understand the no hitting rule.
Last week we went to the mall to look at Gliders for Lyndz and let the kids play in the play place at the mall. We went with Nicole and the kids had a blast! The play place is great, there all lots of kids, stuff to play with and climb on, and the floor is padded so that if they fall it's not so bad. While we were walking through the mall a lady at a Portrait studio said they were giving away free 10x13 pictures and asked if we would each like one. She said she could get the kids in right away so how could we resist, especially since one of my new years goals is to have more pictures of our family displayed in our home. Megan and Ericka did great! They had their pictures together and there were so many cute ones to chose from. Becham also had some great pictures which you can check out on their blog, http://dltolman.blogspot.com/. Then there were AJ's pictures. He was not in the mood for a photo shoot and most of the pictures she got either had me in them or AJ with a major scowl on his face. They actually turned out kind of cute but they didn't e-mail me all the ones with the two of us. Once his turn was over he started climbing all over and playing on the pillows for beckam and they got this awesome spider man shot. It was pretty fun but we were out way longer than we planned to be and were very happy to get home and get the kids down for their naps.

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Nicole Wagner said...

that last picture of AJ is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!! today he hit Paden in nursery and I said immediately "Aj..honey...no hitting...do want a time out?"lol...OOPS! new rule..didn't knwo about it, anyway he's so stinking sweet he just said "no" and then gave Paden a toy. I love AJ...especially since he loves me back now haha....it took him a while but I think we are becoming good friends:)
Love you both