Meeting the Mid Wifes

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As you all know yesterday was my first "doctors" visit for this pregnancy. Although I say Doctors I mean mid wife, although my coverage allows me to see a doctor if I want, Aaron and I have decided to go with a mid wife for this pregnancy. I didn't know a lot about them so I did a little research and they gave me quite a but more information at my visit yesterday. To become a mid Wife you are required to do your 4 years in nursing and then another 2 years to get your masters in mid wifery. They are very educated and I like the idea of seeing someone who's whole life and job are dedicated to pre/postpartum women and their babies. They are always on call, day or night including weekends, and will always get back to you within half hour.

As yesterday was my first visit it was pretty major. They took my entire medical history, asked many questions about Aaron's family as well as my own, gave me a complete physical, did my urine and blood samples, and of course I got to hear our babies heart beat. Like I said I had been feeling a little nervous with the lack of movement I have been feeling but everything sounded great! She didn't say what the heart rate was and I was so excited to hear it that I forgot to ask, but she said it was strong and healthy which is all I needed to know. Oh yeah, there also only appeared to be one heart beat which was another weight off my shoulders. Don't get me wrong twins might be a blast, someday but I'm not sure having them so far away from all our family would be ideal.

My other major concern this pregnancy has been weight gain. I am almost embarrassed to admit that I gained a whooping 68 pounds when I was pregnant with AJ. A lot of it was belly and in the end I retained and unbelievable amount of water but I could have avoided quite a few of those pounds with healthier eating and a little exercise.
Here is my pre-pregnant body. (Engagement pictures which our parents didn't approve of due to Aaron's scruffy face, lack of hair cut, and our not so dressy outfits.)

Here I am in early December, about 21 weeks pregnant. It was around this point that people started saying things like, "You are so cute! You look like your ready to pop, when are you due?" IN 4 MONTHS!
Here are my little Piggy's, don't get to concerned, they have since returned to their original size. They were so fat even my flip flops didn't fit, SAD!
The Grand Finally! Here I am the night before I went into labor, I have to thank Brittany Derricott for taking this picture. She and her husband came over with Shepperd's pie for dinner and she said I should take a few pictures before I went into labour because you always forget once your in labour.I have no desire to revisit these last few pictures and so I have been watching my snacks as well as my portion size's. I am not big into exercises but my goal has been to walk 3 or 4 times a week while pushing AJ in the stroller, I don't always do as much as I should but at least I am doing something!I am 18 weeks and have only gained 8 pounds so far, HIP-HIP HURRAY!!! That may not sound exceptional to all of you but I am thrilled. Seeing that number on the scale really motivated me to keep up my efforts because so far they are paying of, I think I was already up20 pound at this point in my last pregnancy. I haven't taken any belly shots yet but I will try to get some tonight while I am with Lyndz, don't worry I will post them!


Kels said...

seriously? how could your tiny body ever gain 68 lbs? that is crazy talk, i don't even believe it, and i never saw you pregnant, so i'll just go on in disbelief! ha. i think it's sweet you went with the mid-wife, i wanted to, but got referred to a great doctor in boise, so i just didn't. let me know how it goes.
i am anxiously awaiting belly pics! yay!!!

p.s. when can i come visit?

lynz said...

love the walk down memory lane with those pics :) and let's get on taking some pics eh!

The Evansons' said...

I totally have the same story! When I was preggo with Will I gained ALOT, on my delivery day I weighed exactally 200 lbs. BARF! But with Aubrey I ate right, went on LOTS of walks and came out only gaining 20 lbs. MUCH MUCH less then the last time. And I felt great. You are going to like this much better.