Baby Poytress

Yesterday we went for our ultra-sound at 4:30. I was really excited to get an appointment that Aaron wasn't in school during. I loved being there together to see our newest little one for the first time. Dust & Lyndz came over at 4:00 to watch AJ and I was off to pick up Poy from school. After a long day of school and studying Aaron was looking forward to spending a little time together and seeing the ultra sound.

The building was only 20 minutes away but it felt like FOREVER! I am not to sure how many off you have had ultra sounds but they prefer that your bladder is full for this particular type. They say that you should empty your bladder 2 hours befor your appointment and then drink 32 oz. of water in the next hour. I had to pee so bad, I honestly wasn't sure I would make it! To make matters worse the baby started moving like crazy and Aaron started cracking jokes about how funny it would be if I really did pee my pants. I finally couldn't take it and pulled over at a gas station to use the restroom. I was nervous that my bladder wouldn't be full enough but I though it would be better to show up with an empty bladder as apposed to soaked pee pants.
Turns out my bladder was fine and they were able to see everything they needed too. This ultra sound was a totally different experience than the one we had with AJ. In Canada you go in and they do all the measuring and poking around they need to and then spend a few minutes showing you the face, feet, hands, and spine. Your are craning your neck to see the screen and it's only for a few minutes. I know that I was not along in feeling ripped off that the boys get to see it all and we hardly see anything! Down here they have a screen just for you and your husband to sit and watch. You can see everything that the tech. is doing and they explain everything as they go. It was really neat to sit there with Aaron by my side and watch or little baby on the screen together. The first thing she did was get a full shot of the baby on the screen and let us watch him/her move around a bit. It was so crazy to be seeing our little one move around and feeling it in my belly at the same time, it really helps you make that connection. She showed us all the chambers of the heart, the organs, the brain, and everything else! She said that this was one of the most active babies she had ever seen and that he/she was really making her work hard to get all the shots she needed. We saw the baby rubbing it's eyes, stretching, rolling over, and grabbing it's toes. I felt bad, because it would always make her loss her view, but I kept laughing at our cute little baby in there. They one thing that Aaron and I both noticed was how familiar the profile looked, it was like seeing AJ in there again!!! I know that a lot of people don't think you can really tell what they look like form and ultra sound but I disagree. When I see AJ's ultra sound pictures I think they look just like him, and I have a feeling this baby is going to have similar features. Here are some pictures she got for us and a few of AJ so you can compare. Do you think they look alike?

Alright so here are two profiles of the new baby:

And here are two profiles of AJ:


Kels said...

yay for baby poytress! i am so excited, have i mentioned that before? i am. i think you are allowed to think whatever you want about what your baby looks like, because it's YOURS! i think it looks like norah's did too. . . they must be related.
i didn't know they did ultrasounds so quick in canada, i loved ours down here, they were so thorough. i guess since i paid a pretty penny for it, it better have been!

Caylee Secretan said...

Awwww, so very cute and tiny! Can't wait to see what he or she looks like, so fun.

Nicole Wagner said...

That is so funny about you ALMOST peeing your pants...when I was in labour with Erika, Steve was cracking jokes on the way to the hospital and everytime I laughed it HURT...it was funny and NOT so funny all at the same time!haha
I love the new baby...it looks just like AJ...time will tell huh?