I smell TROUBLE!

Miles is growing so fast, I can't believe he is almost one! The bigger he gets the more I see of his little personality, something I fear he got from me. My Mom always told me that not all children are as calm and relaxed as AJ but I never understood just how different two brothers could be. If I had to sum Miles up in one word it would have to be determined, once he has something in his mind there is NO STOPPING HIM! We can't even let him see a bottle until it's time for his or he will freak out and cry at in the kitchen until we get him his.

He lovers computers and exploring the kitchen even thought these are not approved playing areas. I am starting to teach him no and even slapping his hands. I know that may sound extrema but what other way can I teach him that THIS is not appropriate.As soon as I am in the bathroom (I just put potty and had to go correct it, ha ha ha!) he heads to the oven and gets right in. I have no way to secure it shut and now he has found the knobs!


Let the summer begin!

The nice weather has finally arrived and it looks like it's here to stay! We are so excited to get out of our apartments and out into the sun that we have been using every excuse we can to get out. To celebrate a beautiful sunny Thursday we all headed over to the Clayton's house for a big old BBQ.

We did burgers, hot dogs, salad, chips, cookies, juice and all the fixin's, delicious! I am not sure how much food the kids actually ate but they sure had fun in Ashley's big back yard.

The next morning we were faced with yet ANOTHER perfect Portland day so we got together for some crepes and fruit and let the kids play a bit. Then it was off to JAMISON PARK!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!! I am so excited that it is Jamison season again. It is one of my most favorite spots to hit in the summer, we are usually there at least once a week. Here we are soaking up the sun:

These two boy deffinatly have their own personalities. For as much as tehy look alike they react to things VERY diffrent. Here's AJ at Jamison park last year seeing the water falls for the first time...And here's Miles seeing the falls for the first time....
Oh what a diffrence a year can make! Here's me and Miles at Jamison one year ago this week.


Time with Dad

Aaron is now in quarter 7 of 12 (or possible 13) so definitely on the down slope! Things just keep getting busier and busier for our hard working Dad and we seem to see him even less now than we did before! (how is that even possible!?!?) He is still at school 11 hours a day while averaging 2 hours of homework a night and 3-6 hours on Saturday mornings, BLAH! I do not know how his brain can soak up anymore info!

Poy has been an assistant scout master for the past year which means he means he attends scouts on Wednesday nights and goes on their overnight camps as often as possible. Our scouts go camping every month but Aaron usually only makes it to every other camp. Aaron is now the first counselor in the Young men's presidency as well, which allows him to spend more time with the Young Men and get to know them better spiritually. He teaches every Sunday and has gotten to do Baptisms for the dead twice in the last month.

For fun Aaron and Dustin have joined the softball league again this year. They play one night a week and have had two practices since the season started last month. Unfortunately 2 of their games have been rained out but things are looking up as we head into the sunny season! Their games usually don't start until after 8:00 which means the boys are in bead and we can't go cheer them on but they have an early game on the 26th that we can't wait to watch.

He has the Craziest schedule and doesn't get to just hang out much so when he is home the boys are ALL OVER HIM! From the minute he walks in the door Miles is his shadow. He will follow Dad anywhere and everywhere and once he catches him he starts to climb. He makes his intentions clear, he wants to be in Dad's arms and no where else! I have never seen more of a Daddy's boy than our little Miles, he basically has a meltdown every time Aaron leaves the house.

AJ also missed his Dad and can't wait for him to get home.
He always asks, "when is Dad coming home?"
"He'll be home for dinner buddy."
"No I mean when is Dad coming home for long and long days to play with me?"

We all miss him but we do our best to make the time we do have together count. Here are some pictures of the boys trying to get the most out of Dad's time at home.

Our bathroom is no longer a private place!

"Dad are you in there?"

We also gave Miles his first hair cut, as much as we loved the mullet it was time to end the madness.

Rag Blanket.

I have never really been much in the way of sewing but blankets are something I have always wanted to master. I took sewing lessons for a few years as a kid but I haven't done much since, mainly due to lack of a sewing machine.

After getting one for my birthday this year I just couldn't wait to get started, so I took my birthday money and went to get everything I would need to make my first rag quilt. I wanted to make a fun family blanket that we could us for family picnics or days at the water park.Lynz made a few smaller ones when she was pregnant with Becks so she was able to help me with the details and I think it turned out pretty dang good!I was so excited it only took e 4 days to finish the whole blanket, which was 4 days too long for AJ. He wanted to wrap up in it the minute I brought the fabric home, lol.After all that hard work we thought we better take it out for a little test run. Worked prefect, WE LOVE IT!
Here's a few more pictures from our picnic, you may not see the blanket but I am sure you will find the subjects just as adorable!



What is a Hero?

A hero kills people, people that wish him harm. A hero is part human and part supernatural. A hero is born out of a childhood trauma, or out of a disaster, that must be avenged


Livin' for the sun shine

It has been a long rainy month here in Portland and we are DONE with the rain! We say bring on the sunshine weather man the Poytress family is more than ready! Ever since AJ's birthday the sunny moments have been few and far between so when the sun does shine down, even for a minute we are sure to take full advantage.

The new sand and water table has been a big hit with AJ and Beckam. They always end up getting water EVERYWHERE and soaking themselves in the process. This is why I have decided that there will be no sand in our sand and water table this year!

AJ also love to get out and ride his new bike, especially when doing it with a friend. Here's Age and Lando out riding their bikes in the middle of the street. (Great parenting I know!)In case you can't tell these are ACTION shoots!

Even though the sun was shinning this day the wind was to chilly to spend much time outside so off to Clackamus we went. We just don't have room for a double and single stroller in our trucks so this is how we like to do it:Play time! I wonder how often they scrub this place down, Maybe we come here to much and that's why we are always sick!
Beckam loves to be soft to Miles, lets hope he is that way with the new baby. Just 2 1é2 more months!