Livin' for the sun shine

It has been a long rainy month here in Portland and we are DONE with the rain! We say bring on the sunshine weather man the Poytress family is more than ready! Ever since AJ's birthday the sunny moments have been few and far between so when the sun does shine down, even for a minute we are sure to take full advantage.

The new sand and water table has been a big hit with AJ and Beckam. They always end up getting water EVERYWHERE and soaking themselves in the process. This is why I have decided that there will be no sand in our sand and water table this year!

AJ also love to get out and ride his new bike, especially when doing it with a friend. Here's Age and Lando out riding their bikes in the middle of the street. (Great parenting I know!)In case you can't tell these are ACTION shoots!

Even though the sun was shinning this day the wind was to chilly to spend much time outside so off to Clackamus we went. We just don't have room for a double and single stroller in our trucks so this is how we like to do it:Play time! I wonder how often they scrub this place down, Maybe we come here to much and that's why we are always sick!
Beckam loves to be soft to Miles, lets hope he is that way with the new baby. Just 2 1é2 more months!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lacey. Fantabulous Blog. You are awesome!!!!!!!!!! love love love you.

Your Mamma

Linds said...

I love how you guys roll. So clever, and it works. Well at least for 2 more months.

kelsey said...

Is that a sit n' stand stroller? how do you like it? I have been looking into getting one of those, but don't know anyone who has one.
I love that your boys get to be together so much, don't take it for granted-- I wish I were closer to my family and their kids to play with Norah and get to know her better!

lynz said...

let's hope is right! haha maybe that is why we're all sick so much - darned play place!