Rag Blanket.

I have never really been much in the way of sewing but blankets are something I have always wanted to master. I took sewing lessons for a few years as a kid but I haven't done much since, mainly due to lack of a sewing machine.

After getting one for my birthday this year I just couldn't wait to get started, so I took my birthday money and went to get everything I would need to make my first rag quilt. I wanted to make a fun family blanket that we could us for family picnics or days at the water park.Lynz made a few smaller ones when she was pregnant with Becks so she was able to help me with the details and I think it turned out pretty dang good!I was so excited it only took e 4 days to finish the whole blanket, which was 4 days too long for AJ. He wanted to wrap up in it the minute I brought the fabric home, lol.After all that hard work we thought we better take it out for a little test run. Worked prefect, WE LOVE IT!
Here's a few more pictures from our picnic, you may not see the blanket but I am sure you will find the subjects just as adorable!


Nicole Wagner said...

it's very cute!! I am like you...I don't really like sewing clothes or things like that..okay, lets be honest, I don't know how...but blankets I LOVE!! good job on your first one!!

lynz said...