Have you seen this man? he stand six feet tall and weighs 180 Lbs, usually sporting a beard. If you have please tell him that his family misses and loves him very much and that all we want is for him to come home!

Ha ha ha, as most of you know Aaron is spending the first week of fall break up in Canada working for my Dad. It was such a blessing for him to be able to spend a little time working but I must admit I miss him like crazy.

After my extended trip to Canada last month and his time away now we will have spent 4 of the last 7 weeks in different countries, BLAH! I have really struggled with the lack of sleep and tiring schedule I now realize all single Mom's face. Maybe I needed this experience to gain a better appreciation and respect for my own Mom and everything she face, and trust me I have. For any of you who are currently unaware, My Mom is wonder women.

So of course I miss having Aaron around to help with the the night feedings, play with AJ, and lend me a with all the house work. But as I spend night after night alone on the couch I realized the thing I miss the most is his company.

Aaron's my best friend. I feel so comfortable with him, we talk and talk and talk about everything and never seem to run out of things to say. (accept for maybe on the phone, right babe? lol) Weather we're out on the town or just chillin' at home we are having a blast just because we're together.

I must admit our relationship isn't perfect, who's is? but when I look at all that I have been blessed with Aaron seems to top the charts. He's such a sweetie, always looking out for my best interest and putting me first up on his list of priorities. We may have totally different love languages but I the message Poy sends is loud and clear, he loves me!

So this post is to let my Poysauce know that I am so proud of him for getting through another quarter with great grades! For being willing to give up half his break to go back to Canada and work but most importantly for being the worlds most amazing Husband and father! Can't wait to have you back here with us! LOVE.


These are the moments.

Today was amazing. Not because I got my house sparkling clean or prepared a super supper but because today for the first time in a long time I took a time out for one of the most important people in my life, Age.

Things have been busy to say the least around here since Miles arrived just 3 1/2 months ago. And while I try hard to give AJ all the love and attention he needs sometimes I feel like I am still coming up short. Aaron is a big help, taking AJ on errands or over to the park but I want to make sure that Age and I have our own time together too.

This morning AJ and I got up, had breakfast, and started getting ready for our date. AJ was pretty excited to be going out on a date like Mom and Dad, especially when he found out we were going to the Zoo. We were getting everything together and I asked if he was ready to go, his response:

"Aj not ready to go Mom, still have get Ca-gon"

I was totally lost as to what he still had to get so I told him to hurry up and get it while I laid Miles down for his nap. When I came out of the room I instantly new what Ca-gone was because I could smell his cologne all the way down the hall. Lol, I guess he was paying better attention when Aaron was getting ready for our dates than I thought!!!

The Wagner girls showed up and we were on our way. We spent the 20 minute drive pointing out trucks and talking about our favorite colours. (Mine's Green, His Blue.) It was a perfect day to be at the Zoo, AJ is old enough to walk the whole time now so we left the stroller and walked hand in hand as we took in all his favorite animals. The way his whole hand wrapped around my pinky finger melted my heart and meant more to me than I am sure he will ever know.

I don't think we have ever been to the Zoo just the two of us, we love going with our friends but this was a real treat. We talked at every exhibit and were able to sit as long as we wanted without feeling like we needed to catch up or keep moving to make sure we saw what everyone wanted. I would squat down beside him or pick him up so that he could tell me all about the animal we were looking at. He is such a smatie pants correcting me when I called the Orangutans Monkeys. Ha ha ha.

We played on a Tractor and put our hands in one of the little fountains that we have all ways been to busy to notice and then... the big event. AJ finally got to ride the train at the Zoo! When we got to the booth he wanted to pay for our tickets (such a gentlemen!) and pick out which seat would be ours. The whole ride I was kicking my self for not bringing the camera but that was part of the "being together, giving him my whole attention" thing. No hiding behind the camera. His face just lite up as we rode the train and saw the animals. I love the way their little feet barley reach the end of the bench when the are sitting there.

Age pointed out different birds in the bird show while we shared an elephant ear and it suddenly hit me just how grown up he is. I can't believe my first baby is already 2 and 1/2. I know that may seem young to many of you, but any Parent out there who may be reading this knows that it goes by all to fast. I am so proud of the little man he is becoming, he has the sweetest little heart I;ve ever seen.

I know it may not seem like much but today was special. Today was a day for just me and Age and I will never forget the time we spent together. I was able to forget all the house work, bills, errands, callings, and stress;s in life and focus on one of my greatest blessing of All, Smage. Thanks for a date I will never forget, Love ya buddy!


If ya can't go to the pool.....

Now that I am the Mother of two and my little Miles is sleep training we can't run around quite as freely as we use too. AJ has been a real trooper with our schedule changes but sometimes he just wants to go to the pool in the morning like we use to be able to. Since leaving Miles at home alone isn't really an option we came up with this...At first he was just putting his hands in but when I said he could get right in he was pretty ectatic.

He kept saying, "I not know we could do this Mom. AJ love tiny pool!"

It may not be the pool, but it will do.


I have been meaning to post this FOREVER!

I have been meaning to post this FOREVER! It's my last post from our trip home and it is all about the pictures! This year Raymond got a new pool, Lynn said it would be great for the kids so we hit it up and it was a blast! I think we ended up going three times while we were home. He's it is....

It took a little while for AJ to warm up to the pool in the cooler Canadian summer.

He's one of my best Friends, Chuck and her beautiful bay girl, Summer.

Mom's turn on the side, it is quicker than you'd think!

Here is little Becks showing use how a teething baby best enjoys the pool, lol.

Practicing our Bubbles!

Lyndz was doing a little In-pool modeling for me, great action shot!

We had so much fun playing at this pool, to bad it wasn't indoors so we could hit it up again at Christmas with our hubbies!


Photo Shot Time

The time has arrived for me and Lyndz to one again try our hand at the photography game. Today Becks turned 9 months old and tomorrow Miles will be three months. AJ is officially 2 and a half, which means he is getting harder and harder to get in front of the camera but today we caught him in a fairly cooperative mood. weather or not the M&M's I was giving him had anything to do with that, we will never know!

Miles at 3 months.

Beckem at 9 months.

And finally, Trouble at 2 and a half.

All three of then were never up at the same time but we are going to try for some group shots on the weekend but here's what we got today.


Big Man on Campus!

Happy Birthday Aaron, 28 and still lookin' great!

This year we had a week long celebration of my handsome husbands big day. I know that most people only celebrate their birthday one day a year but this year I wanted to do a little more. I have always said that Aaron is an outstanding father and husband but the last month or so he has really out done himself. Never have I seen a more selfless and loving man than my best friend Poy.

Saturday night we went out to Standford's for dinner with the Wagner's and the Sajovics. Aaron's birthday was Sunday and Jordan's was Monday so we decided to celebrate together with a delicious dinner out. We had never been to Stanford's before but it's Jord's favorite restaurant and we were not disappointed! After dinner we thought it would be fun to surprise Dust and Lyndz with a visit since they couldn't make it to dinner (they were watching our boy's!!! So grateful!) Jord even brought over his self made double layer rainbow chip cake with rainbow chip icing and a raspberry cream cheese filling! Again there was no disappointment involved.

Sunday morning AJ made Dad some Johnny Bread for breakfast, made him a birthday card ALL BY HIMSELF, and got him two of his favorite new games, Dad was pretty impressed!

Miles was pretty excited about the whole thing as well.

The Tolmans joined us for Fettichine Alfredo and banana cream pie later that day, which turned out pretty good since it was my first go at his favorite dish! I still can't belive I forgot to take a picture!

The following Friday Lyndz and I organized a big BBQ to celebrate another year of Dust & Poy. It was great food, good friends, and a little bit of bottci ball! We couldn't have asked for a better turn out or a more beautiful day.

Thanks to Lynz for this colage, which I stole from her blog!
Then for one last birthday surprise, Aaron's Dad surprised him with a birthday visit! All weekend long I kept telling Aaron not to plan on getting any study time in after Saturday night because I had planned something for the family to do on Monday. At first he was really curious and excited but as time went on he thought I was bluffing. Then Sunday after church a knock comes on the door and who could it be.... Dad!

Aaron was surprised to say the least and even more surprised to find out that they had a tee time booked the following morning for 7:30. It was so fun to be in cahoots with Al and really pull one over on Poy. After Golfing 18 holes and a little shopping they came to pick up me and the boys and Papa treated us to dinner at Red Robins!


Having Papa around was so much fun, we sure are going to miss him. Well that about sums up Aaron's birthday week. It was a lot of fun and I can't think of a more deserving person. I am so greatful to have you as my husband, you are my best friend and one of the top three blessings I have in my life. (It's a toss up between You, Age, and Smiles!) Love ya tonz!