Photo Shot Time

The time has arrived for me and Lyndz to one again try our hand at the photography game. Today Becks turned 9 months old and tomorrow Miles will be three months. AJ is officially 2 and a half, which means he is getting harder and harder to get in front of the camera but today we caught him in a fairly cooperative mood. weather or not the M&M's I was giving him had anything to do with that, we will never know!

Miles at 3 months.

Beckem at 9 months.

And finally, Trouble at 2 and a half.

All three of then were never up at the same time but we are going to try for some group shots on the weekend but here's what we got today.


MotherBeck said...

Oh Lace, how cute, i love Beck's face in some of those! And AJ...he really does look like trouble.

lynz said...

hehe - love them ALL!!!!! we got some great shots and i love the editing and i just love our boys! i can't wait to take some more this weekend :)

Anonymous said...

i LOVE your pics lace! you are so talented with your photography skills! (wanna do my grad pics...?hahaha). i love the picture with age laughing while chewing on the spoon--SO cute! and miles is getting so big, what happened since i saw him last?! bring them back to me! :)
love, kait

Kels said...

ha. those ones of aj are to die for cute, i love it when they start posing!
i also love the ones on lins' blog with aj and beckam together. great job lace.
miles is getting sooo big! who said?

Us said...

Ha ha! That last one is way too cute!! Look like Miles is growing like crazy!!

Holly Lujan said...

those are three good lookin' boys!!

Nicole Wagner said...

Those are SO cute!! I can't even pick any favorites b/c there are so many!!! I love all these boys...you and Lynds are such good mama's!!! xo

Lorraine said...

Hi Lacey, I absolutely love all the pictures. You are getting so good at taking them. I love the one of you kissing Miles and his little mouth is scrunched up - like "Mom, enough kisses already!" And AJ is growing up so fast! I can't wait to see all of you again!