Have you seen this man? he stand six feet tall and weighs 180 Lbs, usually sporting a beard. If you have please tell him that his family misses and loves him very much and that all we want is for him to come home!

Ha ha ha, as most of you know Aaron is spending the first week of fall break up in Canada working for my Dad. It was such a blessing for him to be able to spend a little time working but I must admit I miss him like crazy.

After my extended trip to Canada last month and his time away now we will have spent 4 of the last 7 weeks in different countries, BLAH! I have really struggled with the lack of sleep and tiring schedule I now realize all single Mom's face. Maybe I needed this experience to gain a better appreciation and respect for my own Mom and everything she face, and trust me I have. For any of you who are currently unaware, My Mom is wonder women.

So of course I miss having Aaron around to help with the the night feedings, play with AJ, and lend me a with all the house work. But as I spend night after night alone on the couch I realized the thing I miss the most is his company.

Aaron's my best friend. I feel so comfortable with him, we talk and talk and talk about everything and never seem to run out of things to say. (accept for maybe on the phone, right babe? lol) Weather we're out on the town or just chillin' at home we are having a blast just because we're together.

I must admit our relationship isn't perfect, who's is? but when I look at all that I have been blessed with Aaron seems to top the charts. He's such a sweetie, always looking out for my best interest and putting me first up on his list of priorities. We may have totally different love languages but I the message Poy sends is loud and clear, he loves me!

So this post is to let my Poysauce know that I am so proud of him for getting through another quarter with great grades! For being willing to give up half his break to go back to Canada and work but most importantly for being the worlds most amazing Husband and father! Can't wait to have you back here with us! LOVE.


lynz said...

awww! gives me goosebumps :) such a great husband and such a great wife and such an amazing and cute little fam! miss you guys and we'll get your poysauce home soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks Lace!!! You were making me cry there for a sec! I miss you like crazy too and can't wait to get home and see you again. Love you so much!!! Aaron

Holly Lujan said...

on 48 hours.....you can do it!!! I think you are wonder woman also!

Jeff and Amy said...

Way sweet post! I totally don't like being away from Jeff either. But I've never been away from him for as long as you two have been apart, but you are definitely wonder woman and are handling everything beautifully. And I love your post about AJ. It's amazing how they just want to be with us and have our undivided attention sometimes.

Nicole Wagner said...

awww...you're doing so great! sorry my family is here this weekend so I can't spend as much time with you:(:(:( Miss you and call me if you need ANYTHING? I'd still whatever I can to help!xo