I have been meaning to post this FOREVER!

I have been meaning to post this FOREVER! It's my last post from our trip home and it is all about the pictures! This year Raymond got a new pool, Lynn said it would be great for the kids so we hit it up and it was a blast! I think we ended up going three times while we were home. He's it is....

It took a little while for AJ to warm up to the pool in the cooler Canadian summer.

He's one of my best Friends, Chuck and her beautiful bay girl, Summer.

Mom's turn on the side, it is quicker than you'd think!

Here is little Becks showing use how a teething baby best enjoys the pool, lol.

Practicing our Bubbles!

Lyndz was doing a little In-pool modeling for me, great action shot!

We had so much fun playing at this pool, to bad it wasn't indoors so we could hit it up again at Christmas with our hubbies!


Gunderson's said...

Oh my! That black and white picture of Summer is SO cute! Thanks for posting it. Your photos look AWESOME...as always! You are totally talented, and I wanna learn!

Kels said...

man, i've seen so many pictures of this pool, i'm ticked that i haven't been able to go yet. maybe next summer. . . i loved all the pics!

lynz said...

love the pool love the slide and don't so much love the diving pose i decided to strike but makes me smile :) can't wait to party it up again next summer!

Nicole Wagner said...

I wish we had waterslides here! I LOVE waterslides!!!