Moter Bike!

Since AJ's second street wheelers weekend, the first he was old enough to remember, he has been obsessed with Motor bikes. It's kind of sad, since it was decided long before he was even born, that he will never own or even ride on one for that matter. Ha ha ha.

They seriously scare me and I can't imagine the anxity it would cause me to know that one of my family members was out on one. Anyway's while were where in Canada AJ was able to get an up close look at uncle Shaw's bike with Grandpa Poytress.

At first he was a little nervous but he got over that real quick and was lovin' it. Grandpa showed him all the bells and whistles and then they started it up so Age could hear how loud it was. It was so much fun to watch him and Grandpa bonding over something he loves so much!


The Tolmans said...

Hahaha, it looks like AJ is loving how loud it is! Maybe the noise will deter him from ever riding one, that is, is his mother doesnt stop him first.

lynz said...

love love love that picture of aj on the motorbike - one of my favs for sures :) oh and hey.....it's kinda hard to read your posts with that light blue on the white - or maybe i'm just a wimp but thought i'd mention it :)

Lacey said...

Just seeing if my picture worked