Big Man on Campus!

Happy Birthday Aaron, 28 and still lookin' great!

This year we had a week long celebration of my handsome husbands big day. I know that most people only celebrate their birthday one day a year but this year I wanted to do a little more. I have always said that Aaron is an outstanding father and husband but the last month or so he has really out done himself. Never have I seen a more selfless and loving man than my best friend Poy.

Saturday night we went out to Standford's for dinner with the Wagner's and the Sajovics. Aaron's birthday was Sunday and Jordan's was Monday so we decided to celebrate together with a delicious dinner out. We had never been to Stanford's before but it's Jord's favorite restaurant and we were not disappointed! After dinner we thought it would be fun to surprise Dust and Lyndz with a visit since they couldn't make it to dinner (they were watching our boy's!!! So grateful!) Jord even brought over his self made double layer rainbow chip cake with rainbow chip icing and a raspberry cream cheese filling! Again there was no disappointment involved.

Sunday morning AJ made Dad some Johnny Bread for breakfast, made him a birthday card ALL BY HIMSELF, and got him two of his favorite new games, Dad was pretty impressed!

Miles was pretty excited about the whole thing as well.

The Tolmans joined us for Fettichine Alfredo and banana cream pie later that day, which turned out pretty good since it was my first go at his favorite dish! I still can't belive I forgot to take a picture!

The following Friday Lyndz and I organized a big BBQ to celebrate another year of Dust & Poy. It was great food, good friends, and a little bit of bottci ball! We couldn't have asked for a better turn out or a more beautiful day.

Thanks to Lynz for this colage, which I stole from her blog!
Then for one last birthday surprise, Aaron's Dad surprised him with a birthday visit! All weekend long I kept telling Aaron not to plan on getting any study time in after Saturday night because I had planned something for the family to do on Monday. At first he was really curious and excited but as time went on he thought I was bluffing. Then Sunday after church a knock comes on the door and who could it be.... Dad!

Aaron was surprised to say the least and even more surprised to find out that they had a tee time booked the following morning for 7:30. It was so fun to be in cahoots with Al and really pull one over on Poy. After Golfing 18 holes and a little shopping they came to pick up me and the boys and Papa treated us to dinner at Red Robins!


Having Papa around was so much fun, we sure are going to miss him. Well that about sums up Aaron's birthday week. It was a lot of fun and I can't think of a more deserving person. I am so greatful to have you as my husband, you are my best friend and one of the top three blessings I have in my life. (It's a toss up between You, Age, and Smiles!) Love ya tonz!


lynz said...

LOVE the crazy face picture! what a great papa your boys have and you 2 are just the cutest crazy faced couple ever :) you did a great job of making aaron's birthday week an awesome one this year that's for sure!

Jeff and Amy said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! I think that birthdays should always be a week long celebration! I love b-days. It's sad that they kind of lose all the specialness as you get older. It should be the opposite!