Pumpkin patch time!

That's right folks its time to get out to the pumpkin patch and get that perfect pumpkin! This year we went to the Pumpkin Patch out on Sauvie island with the Lujans. It was a cloudy rainy day but the sun came out long enough to find just what we needed, a totally awesome pumpkin! Here's Holly and Luke on their way to see the Chickens and other stinky animals.
 The boys and the goose.
 Luke taking it all in for the very first time!
 and Nate....Kind of taking it in.
 Here we are on the wagon out to the Patch, Family pictures are hard with 3 kids, we use to each just grad one and make them sit still and smile but now.....we are out numbered!

 So excited to get to the Pumpkins!!!!

 Found one!
 The little boys and their Dads, so cute.

 How about this one?
 ummm....Not that one.

 I wouldn't sit on that pumpkin..... he might fight back!

 I am so in love with this little boy. He has the sweetest smile and the biggest heart.

 Like I said, its hard with three kids!

 models in the making

 Portland Family

 Don't we look peaceful and happy?
 Here's the whole picture...... HA HA HA!

 Cabbage anyone?!?!

Happy Birthday Megan!

I seriously can't believe that Megan Wagner is already 7 years old! It seems like just the other day she was three years old catching snow flaks on her tongue with little Age. Anyways here we are at the waffle window celebrating another year of our Super sweet BFF!

Disney Trip: Day 6 last day in the park

 My heart was so sad to know that this was our last day at the parks but I knew there would be time to mope later, it was time to play!!!! We really wanted to go to both parks today and just hit up all the boys favorites and everything that we haven't gotten around to yet. We startd by getting our picture in front of the mickey pumpkin and checking for any macaroons at the bakery. Picture:check Macaroon: no check, they weren't making any untill later today! what a bummer!
 Back to cal. adventure. We went back to spend a little more time with Mator and McQueen. Miles probably would have stayed there all day but there where other people waiting in line and Aaron ended up having to throw him over his sholder and carry him away kicking and screaming. lol, so we thought we would go back to bugs land, a family favorite. We loved all the rides in bugs land but I think their favorite was the bumper cars.

We had wanted to go to a lot of the diffrent little shows they have but always missed out on the times so we made sure that we made it to Play House Disney live on stage and Turtle talk with Crush. These where both so much fun and the boys LOVED getting to see some of their favorite characters for the disney chanel, this is when AJ told me he wanted to be Jake from Jake and teh Neverland Pirates for Halloween.
 After the Show we saw sully again, HURRAY! I wanted to get a family picture with him since he is one of our very favorite cahracters, didn't it turn out cute?
 AJ wanted to take our picture..... not bad but I think most people try to get in more of teh cool 3D painting behind them as opposed to the cement on the ground infront of them, oh well! lol.

 After lunch it was back to Disney to hit up the river raft ride. This ride is a great way to cool off and so much fun. Everyone in our family loves it, of course Miles can't ride it so we took him over to teh wilderness park to play, which made him super happy!

 Grandma and Grandpa after the raft ride.Lookin' good Moje!

 Once we where all back together the boys where sworn in as wilderness adventurers and got a picture with Russell.  Here's Miles with the Map again.... just checking to make sure we are at the right place, looks good!

 Me and Mickey! I missed meeting him in his house because I had to go feed my little Nater so we decided to get our picture with him in his Halloween costum.
 Mom had been wanting to go on its a small world ever since we got here but we just hadn't found the time yet and so..... here we are. At the end of day 4 in the parks, with tired and hungry boys, in the dead heat, waiting to ride. Both boys were sick of lines and extra rambunktions trying to wrestle their Dad and we had a little moment but then we made it to the boats and all was well. They loved it and so did we.

 Another group shot while we wait for Mickey Soundsational prade. Since we had to wait for an hour and save good seats we got a little board and started taking pictures . . .. here they are.

Then it was teh Parade. The music stared and the characters came and I just had alittle tear. I think that my two most favorite things about this trip was getting to spend so much time with my Husband and Parents and the other was getting to watch my two older boys experience the magic that truly is Disneyland. I loved seeing everything they way they saw it at watching the joy and excitment cross their faces when saw the rides, characters, and all the delicious treats. Thanks Mom and Dad for making this all possible we love you guys so much and will NEVERVER forget our amasing trip to Disneyland with you!