Disney Trip: Day 5 back to Disney!

After our relaxing day at the beach it was time to get back to the real fun, DISNEYLAND! The boys were still sleeping in everyday but today was our early day at the park so we tried to hurry and get everything ready for when they got up but that wasn't until 8:30! There was no way they where going to get dressed, feed, and ready in time to get to the park by 9:00, oh well happy boys for the day was more important than getting in an hour early!

So we got to the parking lot and hit up the trams which where so pack! They had never been that busy before but we usually got there just after 10:00 and this time it was about 9:30 so I guess these where the other Lujan's of the world! (Lujan's are people who love Disney so much that they will get up as early as it takes to be the first one's through those gates and on to main street! lol) The boys love riding the tram especially with Grandma and Grandpa, they would just talk and talk while the Grandparents smile and nod.

First on the list: The Tiki room! AJ had not stopped talking about this since day one when we went, he was dying to take Grandma & Grandpa to me all the Birds. The main bird, Jose, was AJ very favorite he wants a bird just like him for Christmas..........YEAH RIGHT! I don't think Santa will be filling that wish from the wish list! Anyways they loved the Tiki room just as much the second time around, in fact they could have stayed there all day. We like it to because it gave Aaron a chance to re-try the Dole whip, YUMMY.

After our fun little trip through the Tiki room we wandered the park making our way to the train that goes around the whole park. That is when we ran into Jack. I am not to sure about your kids but mine have yet to see the nightmare before Christmas and they did NOT want to meet jack. He was just too tall and creepy for them but I though he looked great!

This little girl however was not scared, she was dressed to the 9 in her scary witch costume and ran to give Jack a huge hug! this is after her little time with him she is turning around to say one last good-bye and blow him a kiss.IT WAS SO CUTE!

Nate was awake after our train ride so I let him ride in the double stroller and stretch out. All though he LOVE his time in the sling he enjoyed getting some fresh air and stretching out.

Next up, SPLASH MOUNTAIN!This is not a ride that I would put my little AJ on but Aaron insisted that he would love it. First Mom and Dad went on and the they watched the two little boys while we took AJ on the ride. While we waited for them we found Eeory and had some snuggles with him but he still seemed a little gloomy, oh well! Miles was not into meeting Eeory, we couldn't pri him away from the window of "Poohs bakery" lol.
 Okay I know that this is a horrible picture of me now you know why I chose to hide behind the sling most of our trip. ha ha ha. Please remember that my baby was only two months old! This is us getting off splash mountain, I was a little terrified while Aaron and AJ where on cloud nine. They LOVED IT! AJ and I where about to sit on the back bench side by side with Poy just in front of us, I was being so brave for AJ but I was FREAKING out on the inside! I held it together pretty good, but I have to be honest....I did not know you dropped more than once, AH! Three drops was almost more than I could handle especially while trying to put on my happy face fore AJ. lol. He asked all kinds of questions about the characters and the ride and after each drop he was like, "oh that's it? I liked that, I'm not scared of a slide like that!"
 we decided to go into the little shop and bakery where Miles found this awesome hat. Of course he had the map with him, I don't think he put it down for more than 5 minutes the whole trip! He loved looking at it, folding and in folding it, and pointing out where he wanted to go. I thought he was a little young to get the concept of a map but eh defiantly knew what was going on, he would freak out if it was upside down, and always knew if we were going somewhere different then where he was pointin. What a little smarty pants!

Here are tehy boys enjoying some delicious green apple mickeyscuckers that the Grandparents got for them. What a happy, sticky mess! lol.
As we wandered we caw Aladdin and Jasmine wandering the streets. We got a wave but tehy can't really stop for pictures or anything but that's okay!

Aside from nursing every4 hours, this pretty much sums up the majority of his days in Disneyland. Isn't he so adorable? I love this little man so much!

The guy who did our tour was so fun, we spent the whole time busting up! The boys absolutely loved this ride, the loved all the animals and I think they thought they where real.
Here's Miles reaction to the crocodiles, lol! This may be my favorite picture from the whole trip! HILARIOUS!

I don't know how it worked out like this but we had ANOTHER one on one run in with woody. They boys loved getting to hang out with woody and show him their new Woody hats.

He's Miles and woody......That's as close as he got.....Must be intimidated by is huge hat?
Me and Nate waiting for the family while they went on a ride and I nursed. Nate wasn't listening very well, "come on Nate look at the camera!" but he had his eye on something else......

THIS AWESOME HAT!! I could tell he wanted to try it on since he wouldn't stop looking at it. Oh my little Nater, how I love you!
Nate also inspired me ad Mom to try on some cute hats, I love this woman so much! It was such a blast to be in Disney with her. Aren't these mad hatter hats so cute?! wish I could have got one but they where $30 buck EACH! to rich for my blood! 
It was another great day in Disneyland but the boys were so tired they barly made it home, lol. Can't wait for tomorrow!

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Holly Lujan said...

Good job for going on Splash! I love that Miles was the map man. I also think it is fantastic that they loved the Tiki Room!!