Disney Trip: Day 4 Just memax!

When I was younger I could never say relax it was always, "just memax!" and to this day it's something me and my Mama still say to eachother and I love it! So after one travel day and two long crazy days at the Disney parks we needed a day to just hang out and Memax! Again Nate only woke up once in the night and the boys both sleep in until about 8:30 so we were all feeling pretty good on day 4 our our own little California adventure. After our new tradition of soaking in the hot tub before breakfast we made up some delicious Bacon and Egg breakfast! Thanks Dad for cooking up the good stuff to get the day stare off right.
After breakfast we hung out and got ready for our big beach day at Corona Del Mar. This was the beach given to us by my good friend Sabby as well as the one indicated on our Holly guide so this is where we decided to go. It was about 35 minutes away from our house and well worth the drive! What a beautiful beach and a perfect day to be there. We where on of like 5 families there and we were all spaced out so we had our own room to spread out and play. Plus the house we stayed at had all these great beach toys for us to take with us, and the boys just loved it!
 Ocean loving Poytress boys! These two loved being out there in teh water and waves, I was a little nervous about Miles getting knocked over by the waves but Dad was right there and he didn't seem to mind a little water in teh face. Seriously nothing new for Miles!
 AJ took a little bit of a dryer approch to the day, prefering to play in the sand and jsut splash in teh water. He loved filling this bucked and bringing the wet sand up to where the rest of us were.

I tried to video the boys covering Aaron with Sand but I had no idea it was on speed recored. Oh well no way to fix it now!

 After the boys buried Dad in the Sand AJ agreed to become a sea star...so handsome!!

Here's grandma working on her burn. good work Mom!

 Miles is so excited by the 10th sandcastle Grandpa made but this time Grandpa beat him to the punch when it came to destrustions time!

 Time to start again!

 Another good thing about Corona Del Mar beach is that its only 10 minutes away from sprinkles, a famous cupcake shop which we decided to stop in at. We had no make-up on, our hair was CRAZY, and yes we were still in our swimsuits and cover-ups but that did not matter, Mom and I were going in!!!! Miles also decided to join us on our little adventure and let me tell you we were no disappointed! Those cupcakes were delicious! My favorite was a banana cupcake with Strawberry icing, ummmm!!!!
We spent the rest of teh afternoon playing in the pool and Memaxing in the sun. It was a pretty awsome day jsut hanging with the family and getting ready for our last two fun filled days in Disneyland!

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Linds said...

Mmmm... Sprinkles. There's one here just down the street, and it's a bad thing. A very bad thing, but oh so good at the same time.