Disney Trip: Day 3 California here we come.......

I don't know how you would finish that but on day 3 of our trip Grandma Moje taught my kids the naughty ending, THANKS GRANDMA! ha ha ha.

Now that the regular Disney hours are over the park is only open from 10:00AM - 8:00PM which I thought was going to be a major bummer but it actually turned out perfect. The Boys can only last so long each day and it's nice to sleep in a not feel like you're wasting time that you could be spending at the park. This morning the boys slept till 8:45, MIRACLE! So for all you Moms out there that have early risers like me, the trick to getting them to sleep in is to drag them around Disney land for 14 hours, ta-da! Anyways after a great night sleep, Nate only got up once!, we parked our bags ate some cereal and oatmeal and it was off to the Parks!

 Miles was so excited! He kept pointing out EVERY SINGLE mickey mouse head on the top of each lamp post we past. Here's Grandpa trying to stay excited 16 mickey heads into our tram trip. ha ha ha  *Grandpa helps!*

Today is California adventure, and I had no idea what to expect since I had never been there before. I was thinking it would have a lot to do with California and what the state is about but no, NO, this place was awesome! I have no idea way they called it California adventure, it should have been called Disneyland 2.0 or Pixarmania. It has all the Pixar characters, rides, and more of the newer Disney TV shows stuff. This is what my boys have been dreaming of! After our awesome tram ride, past the Halloween signs we made our way into California adventure:

First on the list was the Phineas and Ferb dance party. It was right out by the water and we got there in plenty of time to be in the front row. AJ was so excited to see Phineas and Ferb but there was no way that he was getting up there and shaking is tail feather, lol. We all know he loves to dance, find the prof Here, but not with all these people watching!

After a while Miles was ready to head out there and show the crowed his moves, that is until he saw....the bubbles! There where bubbles coming out of the front of the Ferb Mobile, it was a dream come true for this little man. Oh and Nate and I were lovin' it too! we are in the top Left of this picture. (by the bubbles!)

 After the dance party we went to check out Ariel's undersea adventure. I wasn't sure how AJ would do with Ursala but he was feeling a little braver today so I thought we would give it a go. Since it's only three to a shell we sent AJ with the Grandparents and took Smiles and Nater with us.
SUCCESS! Everyone love the colors and the music, it took me back to when I was a little girl in Grandmas basement watching and singing along. I loved the little mermaid, Erik was defiantly my Disney prince, it was nice to see him again! ha ha ha. I really want to get the DVD now, boys can watch the little Mermaid right? Anyways they didn't get scared of Ursala, in fact they really liked her song. AJ said that this was one of his new favorite rides.

 Next up, Lunch! We ate a fisherman's wharf, it was pretty good and the boys just ate chips, cookies, and peanut butter sandwiches, YUMMY! They had the best time feeding our cracker crumbs to all the little birds around the tables.  It was perfect weather for wandering the park and feeding the little birds, warm but not to hot, around 75 degrees, with a little cloud coverage.  While eating the boys spotted the checker flags that were sure to mean lightening MacQueen was near by so we decided to go investigate.

It was just a few minutes down the was that we came upon......LIGHTNING AND MATER!!!!! The boys could hardly wait to get up and see them but we had another family in front of us so we took a few pictures in front of the cars 2 signs. Miles has officially entered the, "I want to be just like my older brother" phase. He dose everything AJ does, right down to the way he stands for pictures. So cute! At least I think so, AJ gets a little annoyed with it after a while, ha ha ha.
And then it was time........TIME TO MEET THE CARS! They were really excited and wanted to make sure to check out every square of these two. It was a good thing that there wasn't anyone behind us because they really wanted to spend some time with MacQueen and Mater.

Meeting these two was really great but it was nothing compared to A Bugs land. This is from the move a Bugs Life, one of my personal favorites and the boys really like it as well. It is a whole land created to make you feel like tiny ants and full of fun rides for the little kids visiting the park. First up was Himliks Choo-choo train.  Holly found a You tube video of a family riding Hymlics train and I swear my boys watched it a hundred times before we left for Cali. Here we are finally getting our turn on the train after all those months of watching!

Later in the day we came back for another ride, while Grandma and Grandpa went on a macaroon hunt.  This time the boys wanted to to make our own Video to watch when we got home which I am now please to present to you:

Aaron thought that AJ wouldn't really be into the bumper cars but they were so small and made for little kids so I made him take Age for a ride while I nursed Nate and feed Miles cookies to stop him from freaking out. Turns out AJ LOVED THEM! The Poy took Miles on and he was a big fan too. I think we must have spent about an hour there taking turns riding with the boys on the cars. Grandma and Grandpa came back and took turns riding too. It was relaxing and cool in the shade and Nate had a great time stretching his arms and legs outside of the sling.

 This is my favorite picture of the the boys out on the ride, nice face Dad!!!
 And look at those enthusiastic parents....Time for a little sugar pick-me up.
It was getting hot so we decided to let the boys play in the splash park located just beside the bumper cars. This was all fine and dandy until we were ready to leave. You see when I say we I do not mean ALL of us because honestly not ALL of us were ready to leave. Miles decided that he would like to spend the rest of the day splashing around in bugs land and he just didn't want to hear anymore about it. After trying to talk some sense into him we finally just had to pick him up and drag him away. We found a dry little corner to change his cloths and diaper and try to calm him down. I was finally that mom, you now the one sitting in a corner with their screaming child saying: "We are at the happiest place on earth! Do you know how long we saved to be here? Now smarted up and be happy!" ha ha ha, as if that made any difference. It was AJ who finally snapped him out of it by pointing out a new and exciting ride we could go on, thank-you AJ!

This is the ride that saved the day: You go up a spin around in a little box for about 4 minutes. Just long enough to make you feel sice but not actually be sick, ha ha. The boys had fun so I guess that's the important thing right?
As we wandered by down the road we realized it was time for our Pixar pals parade. We were really hoping that it would be the Monsters Inc. parade since Miles is obsessed with it but it ended up being the Incredible. This is another movie I don't own but the boys have defiantly seen it and the Grandparents house so they still really enjoyed it. At one point they had some kids come up and lift these big Styrofoam weights. They did a little magic spell and then let the kids lift them up, AJ's eyes got so big and he was like "Mom that was a miracle! I need to learn that spell!" ha ha ha!

It was time to start thinking about dinner but it seemed like everywhere we turned there were new characters to meet. As you wander you just kind of stumble upon them but there where a few characters that we had been looking out for, some of our very favorites, and then.....THERE THEY WERE!!!!!! First up Sully, from Monsters Inc. Miles loves Sully and was all up for a big Monster hug but AJ was a little intimidated by his size and decided it would be better to say hi from 10 feet back.

Next up BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! I tought AJ was going to pee his pants he was so excited we had to wait for about 10 minutes to get up to him but it was well worht it. Pluse Handy Maney showed up to say hi while we waited. It must feel bad to have to go try and steal kids from Buzz's line but he kept on a happy face, lol.

 Buzz was really enthusiastic and AJ was pretty excited to get up there and finally get to give him a high five! It was a dream come true for him and in fact Buzz really brought out the space ranger in all of us. Thanks Buzz!

Today we also rode the Grizzly River Raft, Monsters Inc. ride, and ate at Taste Pilots Grill. While we ate dinner Dad and Aaron when on Soarin' over California and Miles had is afternoon melt down. It was gettin hot, he was hungry, no nap, and then Dad just went a head a left him with the GIRLS! how rude.

He decided to lay face down on the dirty floor (outside) screaming and crying for the whole world to see. I was busy keeping AJ entertaind and bounceing Nate in the sling to crawl down tehre and deal with him so I decided to just ignore him. Mom on the other hand was turning a deeper red with every passing minute, finally after about five minutes she turned to me and said, "Aaren't you going to DO something???" My first responce was, "Like what?" but then I understood taht she is not his mother and not use to a 2 year old embarassing her so I scopped him up and calmed him down until Aaron was back to save the night, Thank goodness!

That night the plan was to play in the fair area of California adventure and then watch the World of Color. We wanted good seats but the boys had gooten their second wind and were ready to run and play so again Mom and Dad stayed to save a seat for the World of Color. Mean while we went off to ride woodys round up, the stupid jelly fish ride that I hated, the marry-go-round, and watch the crazy fairis wheel with mickeys face. You can see how much fun AJ was having while I was just......trying not to freak out.
We were all getting tired so we headed back up to the bridge to settle in for the World of color which turned out to be quite amazing. It consists of light, water shooting up, movies being prjected on spraying water screans, and even setting teh top of the water on fire. Dad and Grandpa help Miles and AJ up so they could get a good veiw while Mom and I snuggled up with the oderus east indian couple and their two girls who insited on watching the show with their heads on our sholders. Good thing we where at the most magical place on earth or I may have flipped my lid! lol, oh well I was still able to enjoy the show and it was wonderful end to another fun filled, EXHASTING day.

 It was a little loud for AJ but he got use to it and was right back eating his Trix.

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