We're going to.....DISNEYLAND!!!!!

2011 is proving to be a big year for our family. Aaron and I have been married for 5 years, we upgraded from a family of 4 to a family of 5 with the arrival of little Nate, Aaron will be graduation and becoming a Doctor of Chiropractics, we will be moving back to Canada, and we are all healthy and happy. We have been seriously blessed and we decided it was time to CELEBRATE!

My Mom and I started planning back in April for our Disneyland adventure. We were able to get cheap lights with our flex points earned over the last three years paying tuition, hurray! Then we rented a house with Mom and Dad, and Mom got some really great deals on 4 day Disney passes. The plans were made and then we had to wait, and wait, and WAIT! It seemed like forever away and then all of the sudden it was here.So on Saturday September 24th we got up, got ready, and Holly took us to the Airport for our 10:00 flight. The check in went smooth and the boys LOVED watching all the planes come and go while we waited for our flight to board.
I took AJ and Nate while Aaron braced himself for the 2 hour flight with Mr. Crazy pants himself, Miles. It actually went pretty smooth, jet blue will give you all the treats you want and each seat has it's own TV with 37 channels and movies. The last 30 minutes Miles was doing all he could to escape from Aarons arms but with the help of some chocolate chip cookies we made it.
Grandma and Grandpa had flown into Sacramento a few hours earlier and we waiting at the tiny Long beach airport when we arrived.We were hungry so we hit up a little In-and-out burger, found a park to play at and wasted about an hour until it was time to check into our house. The house we rented was about 2 miles from Disneyland and we couldn't' have been more pleased with it. It was spacious, clean, and best of all had a fabulous backyard with a beautiful pool which we made sure to try out immediately! It wasn't heated all the way yet but Aaron and Miles had a great time swimming around and jumping in the deep end. AJ and I chose to stay in the hot tub that day!

We also did our grocery shopping, cooked up some hot dogs and packed our bags for our first day in Disneyland the next day. We we all so excited but also tired so it was early to bed, Goodnight!

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