Black Friday

This year for black Friday it was just Lynz and Me out to brave the cold and the crowds. We were so sad not to have Beckie and Cindy out with us but we new both of them were out on their own getting some great deals which brought us a little bit of comfort!

Last year we seemed to hit every stop just a little to late,meaning we spent most of the night standing in lines. This year we weren't going to be the ones left empty handed at the back of the lines. We made our plans, wrote out our lists, grabbed our umbrella and Credit Cars, and HIT THE ROAD!

We knew our healthy treats from home wouldn't be enough so we stopped to sugar up with a little hot coco and gas station junk.
Our first stop was Toy's-R-Us, which was already packed! Things were not looking good, line line up was at least two hours long and we had some major door busters on our list so I took matters into my own hands. Lynz held our crappy spot in line while I scoped out some of our fellow shoppers. I struck up a conversation with some girls who had already been there a few hours and we ended up getting in line with them. We were part of the first 50 people into the store. We got EVERYTHING on our lists and were out of there just 40 minutes after the door had opened! It was a fantastic first stop and it set the tone for the rest of the night. Every store was a perfect stop and we ended up getting home in plenty of time for a few hours sleep. Thanks Lynz you're a great shopping partner!