Pumpkin patch time!

That's right folks its time to get out to the pumpkin patch and get that perfect pumpkin! This year we went to the Pumpkin Patch out on Sauvie island with the Lujans. It was a cloudy rainy day but the sun came out long enough to find just what we needed, a totally awesome pumpkin! Here's Holly and Luke on their way to see the Chickens and other stinky animals.
 The boys and the goose.
 Luke taking it all in for the very first time!
 and Nate....Kind of taking it in.
 Here we are on the wagon out to the Patch, Family pictures are hard with 3 kids, we use to each just grad one and make them sit still and smile but now.....we are out numbered!

 So excited to get to the Pumpkins!!!!

 Found one!
 The little boys and their Dads, so cute.

 How about this one?
 ummm....Not that one.

 I wouldn't sit on that pumpkin..... he might fight back!

 I am so in love with this little boy. He has the sweetest smile and the biggest heart.

 Like I said, its hard with three kids!

 models in the making

 Portland Family

 Don't we look peaceful and happy?
 Here's the whole picture...... HA HA HA!

 Cabbage anyone?!?!

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lynz said...

what the cabbage?!?!?! holy smokers! cute color matching pumpkin family pics :) freakin miss you guys!