Making the Rounds

One of the main reasons I wanted to go home was so everyone could meet Miles before he was six months old. I know that babies aren't very exciting when they are so new, but they are so cute! Me and the boys spent a lot of time on the road during our stay. We went between Fort Macleod, Lethbridge, Stirling, Taber, and Barnwell hitting each town on more than one occasion. Busy, Busy.

I would love to blog all about our trip and the time we spent with everyone but I am getting so far behind I just need to get it done. This post is going to be a quick summary of our family fun while up in our home and native land.

Most of you know about Grandpa Dick and the amazing man that he is. When I am down in Portland he is one of the people I miss the most and find myself wishing I could visit. It wasn't until we lost Grandma that I realized what an incredible woman she was and the vast amount of knowledge she had to share. Looking back I wish that I would have taken the time to learn more about her and the stories of her life. Now that I understand how much our Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc. have to share with us I want to learn as much as I can from them while I still have the chance.

We made sure to see Grandpa Dick on a few different occasions and always had a great time. I can see him slowly becoming a hero to AJ just like he is to me, which means everything to me.
This is the best we could do with no one else around to take our picture, NOT GREAT LACE!

Next up was the Poytress family. Grandma and Grandpa Poytress are two of the most loving people I have ever met. I still remember the first day I met them almost 5 years ago. It was Christmas Day and Aaron had invited me to their family dinner even though we had only been dating a month. I was a little nervous, especially when I saw 6 foot 7" grandpa Chuck coming over to great us, but nerves were forgotten as he scooped me up in a big hug and welcomed me in. After dinner the boys were playing basketball and I was standing around feeling awkward when Grandma came up, put her arm around my waist and said, "why don't you join us in the kitchen, dear?" She saved me! I was so grateful for the way they made me feel right at home and I have felt that way ever since. Love you guys!!

Grandma was happy to play host to all the Aunts and Uncles so that they could see us too. It was so great be home with our family again. I had a friend tell me what a good wife I was to go spend time with my husband's side of the family without him, but honestly I feel just as comfortable with them as I do with my own family. I love the Poytress Family and can't remember what it was like to not be a part of them.

We also spent some time out at Aunt Dixie's and Uncle Rick's. I didn't take any pictures with them, because I apparently went brain dead, but I did take some pictures of AJ after Uncle Rick took him out to explore the farm. He had a blast! Not only did he see the cows and feed the horses but he also got to play on one of the tractors.

I already blogged about my time with the Fairbanks family, which was also amazing! I love that we have such a great extended family. I have always been very close with my mom's side of the family, Dixie is basically a second Mom to me, and over the past few years we have just become closer and closer with the Nelson's as well. Anyways this is getting really long so here are a few pictures I got while hanging with the fam!

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lynz said...

why doesn't your blog come up in my feed when you do a new one?!?! ugh! anyway, love this post! love family and especially love the pics of you and your boys with grandpa dick! they are so super cute, and i don't think i've ever seen grandpa and grandma poytress :) they look like so much fun, and you are so blessed with such amazin families on both sides!