Family Gatherings

After our 22 hour train ride and hour and a half car ride with Dad we were home! t felt so good to be back n Canada and surrounded by family. Before going to Mom and Dad's we went straight to Raymond to meet Beckem for the first time. It was a little late and we were SO tired but look at him, how could we resist!So this is him, he is basically the tiniest little man I have ever seen and just so cute. Like all babies he sleeps a lot but he is growing fast and changing so much each day, I can barely keep up with him!

On Saturday we celebrated Christmas with the Fairbanks family. Everyone came to Mom and Dads for dinner and games. It was so great to see everyone and get caught up. I haven't seen my aunt Dixie since finding out she has Breast Cancer. We talk on the phone all the time but getting to sit and visit with her was defiantly a highlight of my trip home. Since my Mom and Dixie were single during the same time we were ALWAYS together. Jay and Josh are more like brothers than cosines and Dixie defiantly gained the position of second Mom to me. I have missed her a lot being down here, it has been especially hard to see her face this trial from so far away. I know she has a lot of love and support back home, especially form her fantastic husband, but I wish there was more I could giver her than phone calls! Anyways we fasted on home made Chinese food and enjoyed each others company well into the evening. I was having such a great time I forgot to pull out my camera! Can you believe that, I had to get these pictures from Levi. Thank goodness someone was taking pictures!

After the party Dad ran us in to Lethbridge to meet up with Aaron's Dad for our visit to Fort Mac! We love getting together with family especially when we get to stay for a few days because then AJ gets really comfortable and can be himself around everyone. Sunday after church the whole poytress family came out for our annual family dinner and nativity reading/play. We had a great time with all the Aunts, Uncles, Cosines, and Grandparents. Unfortunately Uncle T wasn't home from the rigs yet and Blake had his own family thing but most of the family was able to make it.

It was such a blessing to all get together and we all felt blessed to have a happy healthy Aunt Lynn among us. 5 months ago Lynn was diagnosed with Leukemia, within 48hours of finding out she was admitted to the Calgary hospital and receiving treatment. Packing up and leaving her 5 daughters and loving husband, who she helps Manage their church book store, was far from easy but local treatment was not an option. Aunt Lynn was often in the hospital for more than three weeks at a time, so had love, support, and lots of visitors but what she loved the most was the times she got to come home to her girls. It has been a long hard road but Aunt Lynn inspired me with her motivation to overcome. In mid December Lynn was give the news that her Leukemia had gone in to remission and that they have every reason to believe that she will live a long healthy life!!!!! WOW, what great news to get during this season of miracles and it truly was a blessing to watch the Knight family enjoy the evening together as a family! As always Al read the nativity will the kids acted it out, AJ was a little Lamb again this year. He wasn't really into it but that was nothing a little treat couldn't help him overcome, ha ha.

Here's AJ and Jayce playing at with Grandmas magnets, they had a great time playing together while me and Jenn found a minute to eat!

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