Big Brother in Training

Over the last few weeks AJ has become pretty attached to his newest little cousin, Beckam. Every time we see a baby in T.V., read a book with a baby in it, or even if we leave the house for any reason AJ says, "Beckam!? Beckam? AJ go to Beckams house?" He just loves him. This is great new to me since we will soon have our own little baby in the house for AJ to either love or not love so much. I know hanging out with Beckam for a few hours a day isn't quite the same as haveing a new baby in the house 24/7 but I my hope is that spending time with Beckam will make it a little easier on him when we bring a new baby home. Thus far, AJ just can't get enough of Beckam, he wants to hold him, feed him, rock him, help pat his back, and he is constantly showing Beckem all his cool cars, trucks, and planes! I love seeing them together and thought that I would post a few pictures for everyone back home.
Since Beck's was over before bed AJ asked if they could snuggle. It started out like this but pretty soon AJ was pointing at his nose, playing with his fingers, and trying to give him big hugs. It was just too cute not to grab the camera!
Here's AJ giving beck's his bottle, it made the feeding a little more difficult for Lyndz but she is so good to let AJ get in there and help out! Beckam on the other hand seemed a little nervous about the whole situation.

He's our boys chillin' on the floor one morning. They were both in great moods and pretty alert so we thought we'd try to get some pictures. Unfortunately, AJ's silly mood wouldn't allow him to smile normal and this is how he looks in all the pictures, what a nut!


Caylee Secretan said...

Awwww, what a cute lil buddies! Love it, that's so great you guys are there together and have eachother. :)

Kels said...

they are so cute. i love aj's cheesy grins! i can't wait until your baby comes. is it right now? is it a boy or girl? ha. how can you not know?!?!?!?!?!? it's killing me. i need to buy it something.

lynz said...

could our boys get any cuter?!?! seriously - i love it! those pics turned out so cute!