A day in the Park

Over the weekend I had to run out to the store to pick up a few things so Aaron decided to take AJ over to the park. Ti was nice to go to the store on my own but I was a little sad not to be out at the park with the boys. Aaron loves to take AJ out exploring, they always seem to have the best time. When ever they get one from their little outings AJ is always talking like crazy and trying to tell me about all the cool stuff the saw and did. On my way home from the store I saw them both squatting over a pile of dirt taking a good look at what was in it, it was just so cute I grabbed my camera and ran over to take some pictures. I was in such a hurry that I actually jumped the chain link fence, 4 months pregnant, in my slippers, and with my camera in tow! ha ha ha, if anyone was watching I feel so embarrassed. Anyways I got there and in time to snap a few shots before..... My battery went dead and I didn't bring a spare. Oh well at least I got a few cute ones.

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Caylee Secretan said...

No snow on the ground? I bet you're super upset about that! Lacey, AJ is so dang cute, I wish he were here so I could photograph his cuteness!!