Last week

I can't believe the super bowl was only a week ago, it feels more like a month! We had a pretty busy week, now it''s time to play catch up!
Last Saturday night we had the Tolman's, Smiths, & Wagner's over for chocolate fondue and games. It was the first time we played our new Christmas games, celestial companion and taboo. The celestial companion game was pretty funny to play as a group but I wouldn't count on it to test how compatible you are as a couple, lol! Of course we've played Taboo before, it's one of our favorites, until now we have always had to rely on someone else to bring it. We haven't found a lot of couples down here to play games with so it was nice to have a games night again!

On Sunday after Church Dustin & Kindsey had us (the Tolmans, & shawn and yusook) over to watch the second half of the super bowl. It was a really good game this year, even Beckam got into it, but in the end the steelers ended up taking it all. They weren't our team of choice but they put on a good show so we approve. The Smiths had all the necessary Superbowl treats and then some, I think I gained about 10 pounds! Although AJ spent move of the time running away from Eden, who just wanted to be friends, eventually he warmed up to her for a few pictures. He takes a while to accept people into his circle of friends.

Origanally our plan was to watch the super bow over at the Mangums but Saterday night their two month old daughter, Holly, became very ill and ended up in the Hospital. At first they weren't sure what was wrong, her oxygen levels where really low and she had some clouding in her lungs. Long story short, Holly needed to stay in the Hospital until Thursday and things were pretty touch and go from day to day. Since Jared still needed to be at school and Julie was at the Hospital I watched Lucy Tuesday, Wendesday, and Thursday while Kami had Jake. Although Lucy was pretty unhappy the first day with us she came around and I think she actually likes me now! Since we had such great weather Nicole and I took the kids to the park, which of course means we tooked endless pictures!Don't they look like a couple old women sitting in the park together!?! Nicole and I thought this was the cutes picture of the day.
Erika and Lucy are just 6 days apart and identical in size, I love watching them play together, makes me want a little girls of my own!I needed to check the mail and apparently I wasn't the only one! I think the kids had just as much fun here as they did at the park! After a day of cooking, cleaning, and entertaining the kids we decided to go for a dip in the hot tub. Our intention was to get warm and keep our hair dry but the kids had other plans. They spent the whole time climbing in and out of the hot tub and then jumping back in, it was a blast!
The 4th was our 3rd anniversary, which I did manage to post about but didn't put up any pictures. So here's what we accomplished after three years, one beautiful son and another little one on the way. We couldn't be happier!Over the weekend Aaron went camping with the young Men and me and AJ got a little more quality time just the two of us, THATS NEW! ha ha ha, I love being home with him but sometimes we miss the Dad! That brings us to know, hope it wasn't to many pictures for one blog!


Nicole Wagner said...

I L.O.V.E all those pictures!!! Especially b/c I was there for almost ALL of them! lol..you are beautiful and i'm so glad you're my friend.
Love you lots,

lynz said...

love these pics! who took the swimming ones? they are sure cute :) haha i especially love the ones of the kids getting mail - such a good representative of what we find fun around these parts!

The Fullmers Three said...

I found your blog! it is super cute! Check out mine if you have not http://fulloffullmer.blogspot.com.

Heather said...

Hi Aaron, Lacey and AJ!! Love your blog! It's great to be able to see what your up to and how life is going there. We love and miss you guys.. xo Darren, Heather, Courtney, Ashton and Zach. (ps I need help figuring out how to make my blog pages.. if you have any tips i'd love it)