For Time and All Eternity

Three years ago today I was sealed to my sweetheart for time and all eternity in the Cardston Alberta Temple. I remember it being very sunny and warm for February but still pretty cold for the brides maids without their jackets!We were married at 10:30 which means we had to get up pretty early to start getting beautiful. This morning at 6:30 Aaron asked if I remembered what I was doing at that moment 3 years ago, I said "hair spraying!" he said "sleeping!" Boys get it so easy!!!I rode to the Temple with my parents, it was nice to have that time just me and them. They both gave me some great advice and helped calm my nervous by reminding me what an amazing man I was about to marry. By the time we got to the Temple I was cool and calm, however this feeling started to fade as the minutes passed and still no Aaron. Our stories differ a bit here as I remember him being almost 30 minutes late and her swears it was 10 minutes tops, but either way he finally came. He had to turn back for the marrage licence.
We had a delicious family dinner at the Poytress's house and then spent a few hours in the studio taking pictures.

Our reception was beautiful, the food was great, and we danced until we were to pooped to stand. We had a great time and everything went really smooth.

In true Dye family traition the cousins did quite the number on our car and we ended up taking the Jimmy to the hotel. I am actually kind of glad that we took the Jimmy, it is such a cool truck which me and Aaron both love, I will never forget Aaron trying to help me in and out without covering my dress in mud!
These are a few of the memories that come to mind as I look back on the pictures in our wedding album, but they are just the fluff. The things that matter the most from that day I will never forget! From the moment Aaron stepped into the Temple and took my hand everything is crystal clear. Aaron looked so handsome, he was rarely clean shaven while we dated but on that day he was as clean as they come. He came over, kissed my forehead, took me by the hand, and I remember knowing that I was about to marry the perfect man, at the perfect time, in the most perfect place on earth. I was overcome with love as he looked into my eyes and promised to take care of me for the rest of eternity. It is a moment I will always cherish.
Over the past three years my love for Aaron has grown stronger and stronger. He is a truly amazing man who inspires me to be better. He is the perfect definition of a true friend and I am lucky enough to have him as my best friend. Nothing in the world brings me greater joy than watching Aaron and AJ together. I am constantly learning how to be a better parent from Poy. His patience is never ending and his love is completely unconditional. I know that I am making him sound perfect or to good to be true because to me that is what he is. Aaron I love you more today than ever before, thank-you for being perfect for me!


MotherBeck said...

How beautiful! BTW You look SO HOT with your dark hair!!

Nicole Wagner said...

I have to agree! like I've said a hundrend times before...the dark hair is amazing on you!
that 2nd picture you look SO SO SO beautiful!!!

Sabby said...

Congrats on four I mean three year together. And I love the pics, you both look so cute and young!

Kels said...

why do you always have to go making me cry and stuff? that was super cute. i love seeing you on your wedding day, it makes me feel kind of like i was there. . . or something! i didn't know you and kristin stayed close either, it was fun to see her in your pics. i also love the dark hair, but i think you always look gorgeous!
nice post.