Open Swim

It's happened the pool is finally opened for the summer! We have been swimming in the hot tub for the past few weeks just to fill our swimming needs but not anymore! We actually thought the pool was open for the long weekend since the chairs were out and the signs where up but it was FREZZIN'! I guess the heat wasn't on yet so it ended up being one more day in the hot tub.

However the heat is on and the sun is out and we are so excited! We will be spending as much time as possible at the pool over the next few weeks, since I can't swim for a but after having the baby. I guess it will be up to the Grandparents to come take AJ to the pool! *wink wink*

Anyways it was a perfect pool day and one of the best parts was having Steve there. I never want to bring my camera down since I can't leave AJ in the pool alone therefor I never get any shots. Well today Steve was in photographer mode, he snapped so really cute shots of everyone at the pool! I forgot how nice it can be to have someone else capturing the moment while you just enjoy living it, THANKS STEVE! We love these pictures.


Nicole Wagner said...

LOVE them! they are SO cute!!! it was fun...many more sun days to come!!

Kels said...

the first picture of you and aj and the first picture of lindsey and beckam are the cutest!!! man, summer is the best!

Caylee Secretan said...

Awww, I love these pics so freakin cute!! I'm with Kels the ones of you and Lindsey with your babes are sooooo great. :)