A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood.

Yesterday it got to 30 degress here in Portland. With no clouds out the sun was sending all it's rays right to us and it felt great! It's nice to get out and enjoy the good weather in the mornings while it's not super hot and then relax inside while AJ takes his nap.

Another weekend of studing for Aaron so AJ and I spend the morningin getting things ready for the new baby. We still have 5 weeks till my due date but we haven't really done anything to get ready yet so I thought I would get started and do it a little at a time. We got new storage baskets for $9 bucks at Ikea, love it, which ment I could start pulling stuff out and get organized. I am starting to get really excited to meet this little baby and finally know if its a boy or a girl. I still think boy but we'll see!

After a nap I picked up the wagner girls, Nicole was busy doing a trial so we invited the girls to come to the park. It was so hot out, my pregnancey only made it worse, but the kids didn't even notice. They were up and down the slide, throwing rocks in the puddle, and running off all their energy.

After an hour at the park we stopped to get the mail and found that AJ had gotten a package from Grandpa P. He could hardly wait to get home and open it and then I made him wait till I had the camera ready. CARS!

He opened it up and just started to smile, "Mom! AJ new cars!!!"

I told him to dump them all out but he wanted to take them out one at a time. "oooo" he would say with each one and ask. "Mom car name?"

I tried to get a picture with him looking but he couldn't stop staring at all his new treasures. This is the best I could manage. Who new $10.00 worth of toy cars could bring so much joy to one little boy. It was two days ago and he's still not over it, ha ha ha.

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