Age and Dad at the Park

AJ looks forward to Aaron's arrival every day. He spends about 15 minutes running from the living room to the door to check if he can see Dad yet. Usually we have dinner right away and then the boys spend an hour playing off all their energy.

With the beautiful weather finally here the boys are spending more and more time at the park across the street. They are always gone longer than they mean to be and AJ usually tells me to stay home. (I think I am to slow and interrupt their fun!) Friday night I decided to take the camera over and get a few pictures. I'm no photographer but I got a few cute shots and wanted to post some for our family back home.

A few weeks ago AJ found a bug over at Lyndsey's house and ever since then he's been very OCD about them. He will crawl around on the floor looking for anything that looks like it might be a bug and then come get one of us to kill it. He will even run over and bring us a tissue to scoop it up in. This happends ALL DAY LONG which may make you wonder why we have so many bugs running around our houses. Don't worry our apartments are clean, about 98% the "bug's" are nothing more than lint, a small pice of paper, old string, etc. but he still freaks out. We want to help him get over this fear, so here is AJ holding his first Ant.

AJ loves learning about new animals and going to the Zoo to see them all. As soon as he got up in this tree he started making Monkey sounds and acting like a little monkey, it was too cute. Don't worrie Grandpma's Aaron was always close by in case of an accident!

Playing on the stairs.

Showing off his muscles as we head home.


MotherBeck said...

Sam was scared of bugs at first too...not anymore, I swear every time he sees one he has to investigate it!

Nicole Wagner said...

Lace, those are some great shots! you're turning into quite the great photographer!!!!

lynz said...

that black and white one of my cutest nephew ever sitting on the stairs by the door may be near the top of my favorite age pics :) these are some great shots and yay for bugs a little boys - so cute!

Kels said...

i also am in love with the black and white little pose on the stairs. i love his hands on his knees and the little scowl on his face! great pics lace.