To Pregnant to Paint

Lyndz got me toe nail polish kit for my birthday since I have none and she has been in charge of my nails for the past few years, lol. I was excited to get home and get some new polish going when I discovered I am simply to pregnant to reach my toes.

I was sitting on the couch feeling sad when in walks my night is shining armor, AARON. That's right folks my sweet husband sat on the floor and painted my toes for me. Not only did he paint them, he did an awesome job.

Thanks so much Aaron, I hope you realize that you have now set the bar so be prepared to paint again, lol.


Julie said...

Ha,ha, that's awsome! Now if chiropractic doesn't work out you know Aaron can always get a job doing nails! You guys crack me up!

Kels said...

seriously, that is cute. and super nice of him! one of the main reasons i didn't make it through school at paul mitchell was having to do manicures/pedicures, so he's already above me in that regard! lol.