Maddox John Maxwell Tolman

After months of anticipation little Maddox made his grand debue on July 16th 2010. Weight in at 8 pounds 4 oz he was the heaviest little man born so far but still long and lean like his big brother becks. With Maddox it was love at first sight, he is one of the worlds CUTEST babies ever! (I thought you only felt that way about your own babies!?!?) Anyways Lyndz did great, read about it here theirs a lot more LOVE and a lot less SLEEP in the Tolman house hold these days but Maddox is a perfect fit! I am so proud to be the aunt of these two wonderful little boys and I feel so blessed that I am never more that 15 steps away! Love you Dox!

I had Maddox with me for a few minutes the other day so I decided to take some pictures of him while I had the chance. We really need to do a little photo but we keep just not doing it! Here's what I got from my 15 minute miny shoot.

I am so proud of Lynz and how well she is dealing with this transition. You are so beautiful and doing an amazing job even if you feel like you're just making it through.
Love you Tolman Family!

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Lorraine said...

Congratulations to the Tolman family on your new addition! Thanks, Lacey, for posting such beautiful pictures for us to see! What a beautiful new baby and so blessed to go to such a wonderful family.