This is Marion-Berry Echo Brallier. (Alright, Berry isn't technically part of her name but it is a nick name I gave her long before she was even born.)

Marion was born on March 31st 2010 at exactly 3:22PM and I was there! Like many other young Moms I have given birth but I have NEVER experienced it as anything other than a participant. Well Beckie is one of my best friends, I would defiantly put her in my top 4 friends of all time, and when she told me I was more than welcome to join them for the birth I flipped out. What a cool experience to be a part of.
I am not going to go into all the details, as this is not my story to tell, but I did want to thank Beckie and Dave again for letting me share in such a beautiful moment with them. Marion, like all babies, is such an amazing little miracle and I was moved to tears as I gazed into her beautiful little eyes and beheld another one of Heavenly Fathers little angels. (No Picture of Mom and Marion-Berry as I would KILL someone who posted a picture of me after labour with out permission first! lol, I will post one after she approves it.)
Love You Guys!


lynz said...

love the one of marion berry with her 2 amazing parents! so fun to be there to experience the miracle of life from another angle :)

Linds said...

I am SO jealous! I wish I could squeeze that little cutie. Next time you see her, give her kisses from me (the baby, that is).