Spring Break 2010

After all those crazy test and our time away up in Canada we were all looking forward to some family time! It may not be summer quiet yet but who need sunshine to brighten a day when you have your family!?!

First things first, SPRING CLEANING! I have recently discovered a show about Hording and the homes they show are unbelievable, you seriously have to see these peoples living conditions, YUCK! Anyways the craziest part to me is that my Great Grandmother's house is not only as bad as some of these homes but in some cases worse. She has recently been moved into an assisted living home, against her will at first, were she now enjoys a normal life without being weighted down by clutter and junk. The point of all this is that I have become the opposite of a hoarder, I just want to through everything out, lol.

We started in to our spring cleaning and were able to donate a whole garbage bag of clothing to the DI but there where just some item's Aaron couldn't let go......I have had this robe for 4 years now and have NEVER worn it. I have tried to be a robe person on a few different occasions but it's just not my thing. (Sorry Mom I still love the robe you picked out!) I went to donate it but Aaron just wouldn't let it go, "we could make hand towels, or pillows, or something." So to ensure I didn't discard it he put it on for the remainder of our spring clean. He's so funny! He is actually way better at de-junking than me, especially when it comes to clothing, AHA!
We also decided that it was time to get Dad out to the Children's Museum. Although me and the boys love it our Dad has never been and this just seemed like the perfect opportunity. We played for about 2 1/2 hours which Aaron and I found exhausting, the boys on the other hand could have stayed all day! Oh to be young.
Waiting for his turn to ride the bus, lets go!I am not sure why but the only family picture we chose to take was in a tree fort right by this big vent thing, it looks like we are in a bomb shelter or something!Look Mom fish! I want on. Miles was so excited to splash in this little water stream thing, I practically had to pull him away from it!Miles had a little trouble adjusting to crawling on this water bed, it was pretty funny, like giving peanut butter to a dog.Here are the boys in the train room. It is probably AJ's favorite room and my least fav. I mostly just hate it because I suck at building trains, Lego's, etc. so we both just end up frustrated, lol.This is the water room. I have never convinced AJ to go play in there, in fact he avoids it like the plague but after an hour and a half of Dad talking it up he finally agreed to go in.....LOVE IT! I honestly couldn't tell you which of these two Poytress boy's is having more fun, hahaha.
Aside from all that we just hung out at home playing, painting, baking, watching movies, and wrestling....lots and lots of wrestling! It was such a blast to have a little family get away right here at home!

AJ and Miles got the giggles one night while we were having pasta and we just had to get out the camera. I wish I had remebered to charge the vidieo camer cuz' this just dosen't catch the momentFamily Movie night in the Nest Dad made us on the floor. It was basically the best nest ever and we watched planet 51 which was pretty funny. We missed Miles but he was just to sleepy!Here we have the treat theaf. He always finds a way to get at AJ's treats no matter where AJ tries to hide them. Look how proud he is, ha ha ha!Just one more quick, this is me and Age reading stories before bed. Right now his favorite book is, :the three little Gator." It is one of my fav. time of day with him, he seriously LOVES books.


Lorraine said...

The children's museum looks like a blast! What a good Mom and Dad you guys are - you do so much fun stuff with the boys. They are just getting cuter every day! I can't wait to see them again.

The Evansons said...

Everytime you post I want to come visit more and more. It looks so fun where you live!! I am also the opposite of a hoarder, are we minimalists? Age and Miles are growing so fast! AJ totally reminds me of Will at that same age. Ahhhh the good ol' days....

Nicole Wagner said...

I LOVE the pictures of Aaron in the pink robe!!!!!!!!!!

kelsey said...

that picture of you and aj reading is so stinking cute. i love your hair right now, it looks so good.