Quality Time

While Aaron was busy with his "Week of Death" the boys and I took a trip up to Edmonton for 10 straight days of Tolman fun. It's so hard when we live so far away to get quality time in with all our different families, especially the Tolman's. They live and extra 5 hours away and although they come to Southern Alberta to see us we never have the opportunity to stay over and hang out for more than a few hours at a time.

It was a last minute trip which Dad and I decided it would be best kept a surprise. So on March 12th we packed our bags, kissed our Dad/Husband goodbye, a jumped on a plane to Edmonton. It was actually two plane rides to get there but the boys did great and by 1:00PM we were standing on the front step waiting to surprise Grandma. Grandpa dropped us off out front and then parked and went in the back, like it was any other day, and then came a knock on the door.....SURPRISE! Grandma was so happy to see us and find out that we would be staying for 10 whole days.

After a quick nap for Miles we got in the car and went to pick up Alaina from school. AJ could barely contain his excitement as we waited outside the classroom door.
"When are they done Mom? Can I go now? Is it time yet!?!"
When class finally got out he went running in the room calling, "Alaina!!!" she was SO excited and kept saying "are you guys my surprise?" ha ha ha.

It was great. We spent the next ten days relaxing, eating, playing, shopping, and baking. It was a lot of fun to go spend so much quality time up in Edmonton. Living in Portland has made it hard for everyone to get to know Miles as well as they know AJ but now they know him better that anyone and little Miles sure loves them!

Oh how I long for a play room like Alainas!!!! It is a room that is set up for toys and hours of play, seriously a dream come true. One day I will have one, I believe that it will be a key factor in my level sanity as the number of children in our family increases, lol!

Miles had a bad cold the whole time we were in Canada and looked a little snotty during the trip....BUT still cute, right?!
Movie Time! We watched some good movies up in Edmonton and AJ rediscovered his love of, "Dinosaurs" which I thought was to scary for him but he LOVES it!

With AJ's birthday just two weeks away Grampa, Grandma, and Alaina decided to throw Age a little "pre" birthday party. Instead of pin the tail on the donk Alaina made a pin the freight train on thomas for AJ, and he loved it.
Then we all tried to keep up the ballons, which ended up to be quiet funny!
We had tacos for dinner since it is one of AJ's all time favorites and then OPENED PRESENTS!

As you can see we had a blast up in Edmonton and we will cheris these memories FOREVER! Love you guys and thanks a million for everything!

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Lorraine said...

Lacey, I'm so glad you got the chance to go to Edmonton! What fun for all of you to get together. Amber and I think we need to come and see you guys as you've had time with the Poytress boys and the Tolman's and most recently the Peterson's. Hey, we better get down there and spend some serious Grandma and auntie time with the boys too!