Canadian Pride

This year Vancouver BC hosted the winter Olympics and it was fantastic! We spent many late nights catching up on the days events and watching our athletes bring home the medals. However there was one event that we just had to watch live, THE HOCKEY FINAL!

It came down to Canada vs. USA and while we love living in the US for school we haven't forgotten where our loyalties lie. Canadian through and through (accept Miles that is!) We knew it was bound to be a close game and with my nervous husband we decided to keep it to a small group. We invited the Tolmans and the Lujans over to watch with us but in the end it was just the Tolmans since Holly and Dan picked up a tummy bug.

It was a close game, and by the end Aaron was sitting just inches from the TV but with 10 seconds left and the US goalie pulled we new we had it in the bag........GOAL! That's right everyone the USA scored with just 4.2 seconds left, without a word Aaron stood up and left the room. I guess he needed some alone time? (I think AJ was a little confused)
It felt like intermission took FOREVER but we found ways to pass the time.....
Overtime was great four on four hockey with the best players in the world and 8 minutes in Sid the Kid scored it big and brought home the goal! I swear we we're all on our feet in 2 seconds jumping and hollering at the top of our lungs. It looked like a four man mosh pit right here in our tiny living room. In fact we were so excited we freaked AJ right out and he started to cry, opps!

Just minutes later Holly and Dan showed up at our door sick as can be to share in our joy and excitement and give Aaron this......You guys are the greatest friends! It was another great year for the Olympics and Although I know my Grandpa wasn't here to enjoy them I feel like this Hockey Goal medal had his name on it. Love you Gramps!

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Linds said...

It really was a super exciting game. And I don't even like Hockey. Hooray for you!!