Birthday Girl


For anyone who isn't "in the know" my Mom is basically the most amazing person around. She is smart, funny, hardworking, humorous, compassionate, hilarious, generous, oh yeah and did I mention she's a crack up? I feel like every time we talk we are busting up over one thing or another. (must be where I get my great sense of humor eh!? lol)

Growing up as an only daughter I feel like I have always held a specials place in my Mom's heart and she defiantly has a BIG place in mine. We talk every day (multiple times actually) about what we are up to and the events in our lives. She helps me get through the highs and lows even with 3000 miles in between us and helps me remember its only a good day if you make it a good day. Other times she reminds me that it's okay to have a down day Evey now and then too, which I always appreciate.

My Mom is full of compassion and constantly going out of her way to improve and uplift the lives of those around her. Weather its lending and ear, dropping off flowers, or extending and invite to dinner she is always on top of it. It's like she has a sixth sense about others need. It is a quality that I have always admired and tried to emulated but she seems to come by it so naturally.

There are a million other reason's that I love her so much and that make her not only the best Mom but also the best friend a girl could ever have but those I have saved in a letter just for her. So Happy Birthday Mom! I love you lots and lots, peach out crocodile while.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lace. I love you so much. You too are my bestest girlfriend. I love you and miss you.

Nicole Wagner said...

Well I would say you're A LOT like your mom and have many of those same great qualities:)
She must have been a good teacher:)
Happy Birthday Moj!!

Anonymous said...
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