Hard working man.

I just need to start this post by saying how much I love my husband and that I don't think there is any way I could be prouder of him. Over the past five years he has done more for me and our family that you could imagine and even when it requires great effort and personal sacrifice I have never heard him complain. He is everything I thought he would be as a husband and so much more.

The particular occasion that brought on this fresh wave of gratitude and awe was Aaron's recent "Week of death." (At least that's what I like to refer to it as!) With the end of quarter 6 fast approaching Aaron started not only preparing for his 12finals but also for 6 national board exams. In case your not so quick with the mental math that is a total of 18 tests in 6 days!!!! (Friday they had as a study day.) In the words of our little AJ, "Are you kidding me?" I seriously can't even fathom writing all those tests in such a short time, especially considering their content. BLAH!
All studied out!
Board exams are the test that all chiropractors must pass to be licenced in the united states. There are three different parts to the test which are written throughout out your schooling, these 6 tests being part one. Everyone seemed to find them pretty overwhelming but it's over now and all they can do is wait. I know that waiting is never fun but as the marks will not be sent out until April 30th there is not much else to do. Aaron did great on his finals and I am sure he did just as good on the board exams, way to go Poy!

With quarter six behind us we are now officially half way done, WHOT WHOT! It is amazing to think of all that Aaron has accomplished. The time has flown by faster that I anticipated and I have truly fallen in love with Portland and the people here. We have made friends and memories here that will last a life time and I already know that we will be back again and again.

Thanks for all your hard work sweetie. I know it isn't easy but you are doing great! The boys and I love you very much and are so grateful and SO PROUD! LOVE.

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Linds said...

Ugh, I remember that. That was not fun. Thank heavens it's over, right? I seriously think they should schedule the finals for another time since they know when boards will be every year. I think they are trying to kill them.