Farewell Dear Brother.

Last week I told Aaron that I had a big surprise planned for the weekend and he needed to study extra hard on the week nights so he could take the weekend off. With finals and boards just around the corner he was a little resistant but in the end he decided that he could get away with minimal study time over the weekend. He was anxious to know what we would be doing but I was able to keep him guessing right until, "knock, knock".....He was more than a little surprised and excited to see his Dad and Brother standing on our stoop with a weekend of fun planned for the family.

Over the Christmas break Jorpo (Aaron's youngest brother Jordan) got his mission call to Las Vegas Nevada and will be reporting to the MTC April 21st. Since we don't have a lot of money as students we realized we wouldn't be able to come home again before he left and ended up saying what we thought would be our good-byes until they decided to make this special trip to spend a little more time with us. I really must say that I didn't play much of a part in this weekend other than secret keeper the rest was Al, thanks for planning everything it was a perfect weekend!

Thursday night we went out for dinner to Red Robins. It is one of our very favorite restaurants around here, I swear I could eat there 6 days a week! Jorpo had never even heard of it let alone eaten there so it was an easy choice for dinner. We all left very full and VERY satisfied!

Friday morning Jorpo and Grandpa took AJ for a swim at the hotel while Aaron went to class and I got everything packed up for our weekend get away to....LINCOLN CITY! Can you believe it! we have never been able to get out to the coast as a family especially to spend the night so we were all pretty excited. We ended up leaving home around noon and getting there at about 2:00. It wasn't quite long enough for Miles' nap but it was just enough time to make AJ car sick! I jumped in the back seat and emptied out the wipes container just in time to save our seats from what could have been a real mess! Guess we know to put him in the middle from now on.

We ate lunch, checked in, hit the outlet mall (one of the best,)and then spent an hour or so on the beach trying out AJ and Miles's new kite. I have never flown a kite before and it ended up being a lot of fun. It was chilly on the beach with just enough wind but it wasn't so cold that we couldn't play a while.
We hit up a great Thai food place for dinner and then it was straight to bed for poor little Miles, he was so tired. But not everyone was ready for bed, how can you call it a night without first checking out the hot tub? Al and Aaron both weren't sold on the idea but AJ simply wouldn't let them out of it so...off they went, the Poytress men.
Saturday was the perfect day to spend at the beach, honestly we couldn't have asked for more perfect conditions. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the boys were both in great moods (at the same time, whot whot!) We walked the beach and explored the tide pools, taking our time and enjoying the sun. AJ has never been to the beach before and is now a big fan. I think he would have stayed there all day, unfortunately for him our belly's were grumblin' and it was time to eat. We went to this place called PIER 101 for fish and chips (I had a burger, of course, lol) and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who goes out to Lincoln city. The food was really good and the service wasn't bad at all, two thumbs way up!

We had a smooth drive home in the beautiful weather and spent the night eating pizza, chocolates, and watching iron man. In the morning we had a Delicious breakfast together and enjoyed one last hour in each others company before they had to be on their way. It was a weekend full of chatting, resting, swimming, traveling, waiting, playing, exploring, and just being together as a family. It was the prefect last weekend to spend with our awesome uncle Jorpo, we will miss you a lot but can't wait to send and receive your letters. LOVE YOU UNCLE JORPO!!

Just want to say we love you guys so much and are so grateful that you came down and made this weekend happen. Thank-you.


Jeff and Amy said...

I love when family comes for a surprise visit! And boy do I miss the Oregon coast. I guess I didn't really enjoy it as much as I should have while we were there, although we did go kinda often. But now that I won't be able to go for awhile I miss it. enjoy it while you can!!

Holly Lujan said...

Lace you have some AMAZING pictures. I love the one of the beach with the moon up in the sky and cute Uncle Jorpo with AJ on his shoulders. Why is Miles so stinkin' cute! I just want to eat him up.

The Tolmans said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! Family visits are the best. We can't wait for our turn. P.S. Lacey your looking like a skinny mama!

Anonymous said...

wow lace...great photos! i especially like the one of poy and aj with the kite! so precious!!


Linds said...

You guys do so much fun stuff. I am so jealous you got to go to the coast. I miss it SO MUCH!! Anyway, fantastic pictures.