Next Stop: Fort Mac!

On Fathers Day we shared and early dinner with my family and then headed to Fort Mac tp celebrate there. It was so nice to have a big family dinner and see all our cousin's, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Even Chels and her family made it down.

We spent the whole week playing with the poytress's and I must admit it was a little sad to not have our Uncle Jorpo around BUT we are so proud of the work he is doing. He is already a great missionary, serving the people of Las Vegas, it's crazy to think he has already been gone 3 months! Love you Elder Poytress!

All though Grandpa & Grandma had to work we made the most of our time together and found lots of ways to have fun and fill our time. Here we are playing at the park with Grandma.

This is a weird spinning bowl that they have at the park, it made me sick just watching the boys in it!
Are you kidding me with how cute he is! I just cant get over that smile.This is my all time favorite house in Fort Mac. I told Aaron I will move there when the owners agree to sell it to us, ha ha ha. It is so beautiful and the yard on the far side is perfect! I'll let you know when our offer has been accepted, lol.

On the weekend we made our way to Waterton, BEAUTIFUL! This was actually the first time our boys have been there, which totally blows my mind.
Is that Miles eating rocks?!?!?!?! Shocker!

Of course Waterton is not all fun and games, you have to use caution or....YOU COULD GET HURT!


Linds said...

Ok, seriouslu LOVE that house. If you get it, please let me know and I will come visit. For sure!

Lorraine said...

Love the Waterton pictures! And the "Proud to be Canadian" pictures as well. You are a wonderful photographer! And could the boys be any cuter! They are adorable.