1 Mile down

I know that everyone says this about their little ones but seriously, I CAN'T BELEIVE MILES IS ONE YEAR OLD! If I thought the first year with AJ was fast I don't even know what to say about Miles. It feels like I just had him a few months ago and next thing I know I'm making his birthday cake.Miles has been such a wonderful addition to our family, looking back things where just to dang quiet around here before he arrived. With Aaron going into finals week we decided to have Dr.Drake brake my water 8 days early as I was already 3cm and ready to go. A little less than two hours after my water broke little Miles arrived in all his perfection.

Miles had a bit of a first ruff year as far as health goes, nothing major just a lot of yeast, snot, and broncelitis.
He and Becks made the most of thier sick days, enjoyning bottle and barney together.

Miles has turned out to be quiet the little character. He is determined, smart, funny (he loves to make his brother laugh!), curious, and definatly has an adventures spirit. When it comes to climbing, exploring, jumping off thingsd, and getting dirty Miels has no fear, in fact he will do anything he can to get at the sand and dirt. Everyone always said that it is so diffrent to raise little boys over girls and I deffinatly have my hads full with this little man, he made it clear early on he has a problem with authority.So here he is our little man also know as TROUBLE!

It doesn't take long to fall in love with our little Miles, one look at that face and your DONE! I can't even tell you how many people spend 10 minutes with Him and say, "Oh my gosh , I love this Kid!" Happy Birthday Miles, I lvoe you more than words can say, you're my little minny me!


Amy said...

Ok, so time really does go by fast. He's already 1! And he's still as cute as ever!

Nicole Wagner said...

I.LOVE.HIM. I really really do. he is the sweetest cutest craziest little man. I could kiss him and hug him all day long. happy birthday little buddy!! xo

Lorraine said...

What a wonderful little man! We love you Miles and we miss you very much. We are so glad you were able to come and stay with us for a while. Lacey, I love all the great pictures you have taken of your boys - what a treasure!

Linds said...

Time has gone by fast. He is such a little cutie. I love that picture of you and him, so cute!

lynz said...

awwww! seriously one of the funniest kids i've ever met, and i just can't wait to keep getting to know him and his little crazy personality as he gets bigger :) he has some of the best baby pictures ever! love you buddy!