Sweet tooth little stinker.

Shock of all shocks Miles has a major sweet tooth. In fact he would love to start everyday with milk and cookies and if there are any "treats" left out in the morning and he see them he refuses to eat anything else. I have to hide the treats and then it's a good hour before he calms down, forgets it, and is ready to eat some breakfast.

I don't know where he could have gotten this sweet tooth.... must be from his Dad! Ha ha ha. Anyways he found half a giant size Hersey bar the other day, snuck it into his fort under the table, and this is what I found:
Don't let that innocent little face fool you, here he is showing his true colors:
The after Sunday dinner the Lujans supplied us with these delicious cupcakes with a new awesome frosting. I guess you make it with a rue??? I will have to get it from Holly. Anyways the boys split one and when AJ went to the bathroom Miles slid over and did this: NO TIME FOR HANDS!


Linds said...

But such a cute little stinker!!

lynz said...

love that little stinker! and love that you're the kind of mom to take pictures of that kinda stuff instead of getting mad and taking it away and ruin all his fun! haha