May long with the Granpoytress's

It may have only been a few days but Al and Lorraine where able to get down here for Saturday and Sunday of the May long weekend and it was such a treat! We loved having them over for breakfast, going to the Saturday Market, hitting up the pool, and being treated to some delicious Red Robins!

We let the boys bring their swim stuff and play in the water, I am pretty sure it was their favorite part of the weekend. Personally I loved the kettle corn!
THIS KID LOVES WATER! He is seriously the happiest when he is being blasted in the face with freezing cold water, what a nut! I love, love, LOVE this about my little Miles, smooch!After Sunday breakfast, playtime, church, and a little nap we decided to head north along the historic highway. We relaxed while enjoying the beautiful twisty road surrounded by huge old trees and thick green foliage. (that's right I just said foliage!) Anyways we ended up at crown point, if you haven't been you need to go! What a gorgeous view of the Columbia river and the green gorge. Unfortunately we have not pictures to show for it as Al left his SD card back in the vet and I chose to bring only one of my FIVE batteries. Of course the one I chose was already dead....what a bummer!

After that we made our way to Multinoma falls. It was a beautiful afternoon with very few other people around and a great way to get out and get the boys a little exercises. We loved showing off this beautiful hot spot to Grandma and enjoying our time together. Thanks so much for making the the journey down we LOVED seeing you guys, as always!


lynz said...

LOVE that last one of miles! he is such a nut and it's why we love him so much!!!

The Anderson Family Trio said...

haha! oh my goodness i have to agree with lynz... miles is the cutest little nut ever!