Becoming Friends

My boys are 26 months apart, which can seem like a lot when they are young but now that they are 4 and 2 the difference doesn't seem that big. They are into some of the same things and actually like to play together now. I love watching them play in their room together building train tracks, racing cars, jumping on the beds (yes I am a mother who lets them jump on the bed,) running to the pool....or playing together at the Park. These where taken on Miles Birthday, the 12th, while they played together just the two of them. SO CUTE!

I know that I am a total nerd but I hate when all the kids are running and Miles is so far behind, it just breaks my heart. Same with AJ. I just hate seeing them get left behind, I am going to be that Mom that has to leave the gym every time my kids end up taking a foul shot, ha ha ha. I almost didn't post this first pictures 'cuz it makes me sad, lol.

The boys spent a good 20 - 30 minutes running up the park and sliding down together. They were having the best time and I was able to get a few cute pictures, love these little boys so much!


Linds said...

That's how far apart my girls are. And they are best friends. It's great!

Sabby said...

Such cute pics, your boys are adorable!

Daya said...

So. Cute!!! I love the slide pictures! They're the best!