Two years old!

Are you kidding me? My baby is already two years old? That went way to fast! It feel's like we were just debating weather to call him Miles or Luke and now all of the sudding he's our two year old little smiles! Love you little man.

This year for Miles birthday Dad was up in Canada writing his Canadian board exams, so we celebrated with a little french toast breakfast (thank-you Lujans!), some time at the park, and French dips. Burgers are by far Miles favorite food, he loves to yell out, "BURGER!" everytime we pass a burger joint while driving and he asks for them everytime I ask if he's hungry! His favorite burger is the value roast beef from aurbys so we decided on beef dips for his birthday and Burgers for his birthday.

Once Aaron was back we had the Lujans over for cake and Presents. It was so fun to see Miles opening his presents this year, he gets the concept now and was really excited to see what was in each new package.

Everytime we go to the the Disney store Miles makes a B-line for the plush toys. He can't get his hand on a "Bolt" plush fast enough. I don't know what it is about that Dog but he loves him, in fact everytime we leave teh store Miles is in tears because Bolt has to stay with thte other toys, but not anymore!!!Best friends!MMMMMMM.......Cake!!!!

To finish off this birthday week we had some friends over to make a big old mess and celebrate Miles style! First off Panckes:

Miles was so surprised when his friends started showing up.Next up, Dance party!WHAT? Your kids don't break dance???

And jsut in case the pancakes and syrup didn't sugar everyone up enough we needed a little more....

After a little fish for more TREATS we sent everyone home with a sugar high and enough goodies in their bags to keep that sugar high all day long! Thanks for coming everyone!


lynz said...

love it! love miles' surprised face and shae rock n rolling away! the only thing that was missing is us :( happy 2 years mister smiles!

Lauren Miller said...

mmmm that cake looks like a giant donut! haha. I can't believe he and Bree are already 2! that's crazy! Cute party. You need to make it out to Taiwan some day, we have an extra room!! haha