I see that the more kids you have the less blogging time there seems to be. Of course this is not true for all women, I see many food and fun blogs out there who's authors have 4 or more kids so...... I guess it's just me! ha ha ha. Anyways I am getting more and more pregnant, which is how it usually goes, and getting More and more uncomfortable. I have crazy heartburn, migraines once a week, and some minor hip and back pain but as far as the weight gain I am doing much better than I did with my other two ( AJ 70 LBS, Miles 50 LBS) so that's good new!

We also moved from our upstairs apartment to the one directly below us, Dustin and Lynz old place. You man think this is a bit silly especially when we only had 10 months left but trust me, it was the right choice! I have already uttered many prays of thanks that I didn't have to haul groceries up the stairs or help Miles while he figures out how to get up and down. More importantly this is why we moved:

Can you believe how grown up these boys are???? When did that happen? they are like little men!
We also had some beautiful weather which means playtime at the park! The boys are in bed three out of five nights when Aaron gets home so on his earlier days the boys like to take full advantage and run him ragged. He we are wearing him out at the park before dinner one night.

Also we sold our double strollers (sit and stand because it sux and is so hard to stear) and got this at a consignment sale. The jeep double umbrella stroller, I LOVE IT!!!!!! This stroller kick the butt of any other double stoller I have ever tried, so go get one!

AJ loves to take pictures so we let him take control of the camera during our sunday walk and here's a few of his greatest shots:

Unfortunatly since these pictures where taken the sun has gone into hidding but we have a fingers crossed that it will be back for good one day soon. Until then we just take what we get and cross our fingers that it lasts longer than an hour!


The Evansons said...

We have that same Jeep stroller and it RULES. A good find. I always look forward to reading your posts, it's so true, the more kids you have the less time you have to blog. Hope you are feeling goooooood!!!!

lynz said...

who knew grass could be something you miss so much! so fun to have that little green strip right outside your door - when it's not flooding into your house at least! haha oh and yes.....little men indeed! they're soooo big!