I've done all I can do........

As a mother you want your kids to be.... cool, accepted, one of the cute kids that gets along with everyone, you know? Aaron and I worked so hard with AJ as he was growing up. We taught him to be polite, share his things, and play well with others. We have never really had any problems or complaints from other parents about him, they always say how nice he is and how great it is to have him in their home. I love that he his such a great kid.

He has also ALWAYS been pretty independent. He likes to pour his own milk, chose what's for lunch/dinner, pick his own books, and..... pick out his own clothing. I think that I am a pretty good shopper, waiting for the deals but always finding CUTE stuff. That however is all I can do. I buy him the clothing in the right size, wash it up, and hang it in the closet. After that I'm out. He will not take fashion advice from ANYONE, especially me.

Now some of his fashion icons include Grandpa Zoe and Papa. Both shirt tuckers as seen here:

Chris (short shorts) wildkratt: (from Zaboomafoo, a kids show)
Woody from toy story: And this my Friends is what results from all these wonderful men my son admires: Oh yes, there he is in all his glory! I should be taking more pictures of all his crazy outfits but here are a few of my favorite things AJ says about his cloths. First off everything is TOO BIG. He wants his pants to chow his ankles so..... he rolls them up. He hate when his shirts or hoodies go over his bum so.... he rolls the up to. He hate anything that is not a short sleeves but if I MAKE him wear a coat he always says it is too lose and the sleeve must be rolled up because they are touching his wrists. You can't leave the souse without your belt! Jammies feel like cloths so why can't he wear them out? there is no answer good enough for this question he will argue that point until he is blue in the face. He wants all clothing to fit like his nice tight little jammie, oh boy!
the rolled up shirt and pants (both pictures above)
Running in his favorite shorts, also PJ's. These he has never gotten out the front door! I promise!
Here he is at school with his pants rolled up and his favorite (perfect fitting according to him) jammie shirt. WOW, Who let him out of the house in that? lol. Love this kid!


lynz said...

oh my! nice collection of shots of the one and only aj! love that kid and his fashion sense :) he'll have a good slideshow at his wedding at least! haha

kelsey said...

That is so funny you posted this, because I almost commented about his little tucked in polo when you posted the pics of your boys and Aaron at the park. So stinking hilarious, and cute.
I still love that rolled up sweater the most!